[CLOSED] JFK approach/departure Training Server 1

I’m trying out New York approach and departure :)

I’m coming! JetBlue 811

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im there BB001

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Roger, BBOO1.

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Nevernind, can’t come! Sorry!

No worries :)

Joining in a minute. W211.

Its raining so hopefully my internet stays stable :/

Which airport are you at?

great controlling!

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KJFK and thanks! :)

Still open?

JFK Tower/Ground is now open!


Yes sir we are 👍

Ok I’m coming as N556PU

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YESSSSS! Lets try to use 31L and 31R for now :)

Yep! Doing that right now!

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He just left

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Lol he’s back!

I’m here …

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