[CLOSED] Jetblue Virtual Launch Event @ KSWF - 112100ZJUN16

Okay, I understand. But why can’t he make the events?

Does it matter?

I’m asking you a question, please kill the attitude.

You want the altitude lower?

No I am convener

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5 minutes?

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Everyone please be in a JetBlue livery and park thru Parking - ANG A1 to ANG D5

Yes! :). Details are above

Remember follow me.

Lap around the airport


Jetblue 94 make a few turns so I can lead.

Descend to 8,000

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App crash :/

Take off at KERG @Benny87654321

thats not terminal 5

That’s isn’t terminal 5 lol

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I just guessed. I usually go to JFK twice a year. Just park next to us :)

Okay, but is it too late to join?

Way…We just parked…


Great flight