[CLOSED] Jetblue Virtual Launch Event @ KSWF - 112100ZJUN16

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Jetblue Airways. This is a launch event for our new airline.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prep your plane, crew, and board passengers! My team and I will be paying close attention to see if any of the pilots stand out (in a good way!) during each flight. Also, if anyone is interested in joining our airline, check our topic/post about it. We have a application you can fill out. Hope you enjoy! Have a great flight, and we will see you at Stewart International Airport! We will be taking off runway 34 at KFSW and depart south at KJFK. We will be landing at runway 31R and park at Terminal 5. Thanks! Comment below if you’ll be there!!

-Sincerely, John Kennedy
COO, Jetblue Airways

• Server: Advanced

• Time: Saturday, June 11 @ 2100Z

• Route: KSFW-KJFK

• Aircraft: Any aircraft with the Jetblue livery



You know JFK only has the runways 13L/R, 31L/R, 22L/R, and 04L/R, right? No 34R. It’s also KSWF, not KFSW.


Sorry the waypoints were blocking the numbers let me fix that later

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Hey I am am interested in joining a airline I will try to be there

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Lol calling Jetblue Jetblue Airways sure is weird

Fixed it :)

Lol are you sure @FedoraPilot is okay with the change? 😂

Well I’m the owner of this va so it’s fine lol. When he’s online I’ll let him know of the change

Ah yes that makes a lot of sense 😂

Since you attended ours I’ll try my best to join in :)


Hi where is the application forum

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It’s on our website. Check our official topic

What region

New York region

Near top or bottom

The event has been rescheduled one hour late.

Since when were you the event manager? And also, Gavin quit.

I’m the Chief Operating Officer. @jjt0909 is the Event Manager.

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Yeah, but he is the event “manager”, meaning he manages the events.

It doesn’t matter, he couldn’t even make it anyway.