(CLOSED) Jeodanie's ATC Thread Open at LSZH Training Server

You are too restrictive. You are providing a service to the pilots, they don’t provide a service to you. Limiting pilots to these audacious expectations is a bit of a joke.

These are all ridiculous statements, and lead to the user having a substandard time due to your over controlling nature.



RWY 32 will handle 90 percent of Departures unless spawning gets crazy. Which means even if you are closer to RWY 34 or RWY 28 I most likely will still tell you to EXPECT RWY 32

RWY’s 32 & 34 will handle Arrivals and Departure, HOWEVER most aircraft expect RWY 32

No other runways will be in use EXCEPT for runway crossings or ⛽️ emergencies

Should an approach/Departure controller give vectors for any runway OTHER than 32 or 34 for inbounds I WILL issue a Go-Around so be prepared to execute a missed approach and be handed back to approach. If there is no app or Departure and the pilot contacts me on an GPS for RWY 10 or ILS RWY 28…expect to be IGNORED

I do understand that because of my crazy traffic pattern and airport operations (which is not REAL LIFE) this may be boring for an approach controller but might be great for a Departure controller

Pattern work accepted for GA aircraft ONLY. If you just took off from the airport in a 777 don’t expect a landing clearance…remember ATC has a radar for a reason

A Flightplan would be greatly appreciated

I will treat all pilots who do not follow my instructions ( as long as my instructions are correct) as if they are on casual with NO ATC Service…(in my Opinion the equivalent to a 👻 in expert)… so that when grades 3 or better continue to treat TR as THIER playground I can IGNORE

I understand my operations are UNREALISTIC (as I stated in my NOTAMs and WAY too rescritive and and a JOKE in most or all OPINIONS)…should have stated that disclaimer to my pilots. My deepest apologies to any point that I am taking away from their experience while on IF.

Even with these HORRIBLE “LIMITATIONS” I will try to provide the best service I can (even though it’s crappy to experts)

Feedback is HIGHLY appreciated and welcome

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I was doing some patterns in a C208 (Wizzair 202).I do really not understand, why you want to use rwy 32 for 90% of the traffic. There’s really no reason why you wouldn’t use 34 and 28. Okay, maybe 28 should get only arrivals but you have to work as efficient as you can and part of this is to use all available runways. We do so on Expert. Why would you allow Pattern work only for small GA planes? There’s no reason for that, too. And if you think that this is just too unrealistic, it’s not. If you get your typerating of the commercial aircraft you want to fly the fist thing you will do is pattern work… with an airliner. We accept pattern work with any aircraft on expert, too. Another thing is that if you ignore people who are “Inbound for landing, runway 28”, then why would you expect them, to look at the forum and search the thread for that airport only to see your NOTAMS. There are people with no account on the IFC, too. You simply cannot expect everyone to read this. Now about your controlling: The first thing every serious controller should know are the pattern legs. Here’s a picture of them: https://www.pea.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Airport_traffic_pattern-cc-.jpg . You wanted me to extend my upwind leg while I was on downwind. That just doesn’t make sense. Another thing is that you should only use “I’ll call your base” when you have a big departure queue that you want to get rid of, before that pattern traffic turns inbound. This can be very useful in EGLC for example. As I switched to tower and asked for take off you gave me the LUAW (Line Up And Wait) command, while there was no traffic on the runway or that has just departed. We try to avoid the LUAW command and instead issue a clearance. I don’t know why, but you then let me sit on the runway for about a minute before issuing a takeoff clearance. For the runway change: I was on the upwind leg of rwy 32 and you gave me “Enter left base runway 34”. What you really want to say is that I should enter the left downwind of runway 34. And a minor thing: You don’t need to clear me for the option every time with “after the option, make left/right traffic”. You only need this with the takeoff clearance or when you assigned them another runway.

I hope that you will become someday IFATC.


Alright, I am on my way!!

Your feedback is of Great value as I continue to learn how to provide the best customer service to my pilots

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I admit I’m a bit of a stick in the mud🤣…but I will give 🙏 to the pilots who do show up and to the Departure controller who assisted even with my DUMB operations understanding that my operations are set up for a Departure controller ESPECIALLY if they can do boring approach 😂😂

Oh forgot to mention…I only ask for a LUAW to watch the heavies

Is your goal with this thread, is to train to become IFATC?

Interesting question…I think so but according to opinions my operations are too dumb and I’m too restrictive

No you’re not dumb, that’s just feedback so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. We all started somewhere!


Thanks that made me feel a bit better. You should be a IFATC trainer

Crazy thing is I only have 27000 operations ✈️

No lie, I knew less then you when I started. You’ll get there. Just keep trying to find ways to practice, never give up, and watch/read each of the #tutorials 20 times each, minimum. 🙂

I never said that you’re too dumb to become IFATC. And you really aren’t.

As @Trio stated above we all made those mistakes and started from the point where you are now and even worse. I only pointed out the mistakes you made so that you can become better and better.

Are you still open? 😉

  • I doubt it very much.
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My Dumb operations will still be effect. Thank you

Are you open? If so, what’s your ATIS/NOTAM?

Yes, he’s open @CraftyCat05.


  • You told me to taxi to runway 32, 28 was closer.

  • I don’t understand why you made me change runways after each touch and go.

  • I don’t understand why you told me to go around three times.

  • You could work on issuing clearances faster.

I would contact an IFATC trainer so they can help you fully understand what to do differently, they’ll provide more in-depth feedback.

I would also take a look at this discussion about transitions:

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