(CLOSED) Jeodanie Smith-ATCEG's ATC Tracking Thread Training Server @ PGUA. Feedback to my trainer @trio appreciated.

Good day I will controlling ground and tower at Hong Kong today please review the below NOTAMS and I look forward to providing excellent customer service to all pilots. Thanks 🙏 in advance for all pilots who decide to arrive or depart from VHHH.


RWYs 07L & 07R in use for all arriving and departing traffic

No pattern work allowed (you don’t have to have a flight plan but if departing Please be so kind as to respect my frequency change command after takeoff 🛫 and depart the airspace 😊)

Also as there is no pattern work please be so kind as to NOT request to remain in the pattern when departing 😂

No intersection departures allowed 🤦🏽‍♂️

I will be open for 5 hours as I don’t have to worry about NO PATTERN WORK

Anyone not following correct ATC instructions will be treated as if they are on CASUAL server with NO ATC so don’t spam the frequency please since we can’t ghost 👻 I will IGNORE you and work traffic around you since IGNORING is the ONLY choice I have

Thank you


Might hop along in a bit. I have to say though, why decline pattern work? Is the airspace busy? If not, pattern work helps your spacial awareness as a controller - something you’ll need to be a good controller. That was my main problem when I did my IFATC prac.


You won’t pass the testing process without accommodating pattern work. Buckle up and deal with it, please, especially as you’re considering undergoing the exams.

You know what a real controller does? Separate traffic. That is the basic function of your average air traffic controller, from local to ground to radar. Denying a pilot a service because “you don’t want to” is not how it works. Rather, it should be “I’m sorry, but this heavy traffic is impairing my ability to push tin out in an orderly and efficient manner if I allow pattern work to continue.”


And if you want to practice, I don’t suggest VHHH. As I live in the city, there are mountains and mountains surrounding VHHH. Downwind for 25L/07R? Mountains. Downwind for 25R? Mountains. The only viable pattern is the 07L one which in my opinion is pretty limited.


Honestly I don’t have a problem with pattern work but I can’t understand why anyone would be doing pattern in a 777 🤣🤣


I’m a very strict air traffic controller so the limitations don’t bother me 😂…besides I’m too strict for expert🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😂

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ZI really don’t see why some get an “attitude” when a controller states no pattern work 😂😂… yes I admit I’m being lazy but at my 🏡 airport (JFK) I don’t even see a plane ✈️ takeoff and come right back around unless of an emergency or missed approach… I think 😂😂😂… the big boys don’t really do touch and goes…too much fuel cost

Some people practice using these large aircraft as they are often bulky and not as responsive as something like a Cessna.

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I agree with that but fuel cost for these big boys😂😂😂

I will practice pattern work at a later date and time and it will NOT be at an international airport ✈️ And will not be for 12 hours open😂😂😂

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Hi, I’ve got a little bit of feedback for you.

  • You gave a pattern entry and sequence separately, if you combine then you save yourself some time.
  • You missed my Go Around, I was over the threshold with an aircraft on the runway and you didn’t say a thing.

Oh, also I requested a Touch and Go, so why clear me to land? I know you’ve got this whole thing against pattern work ( I don’t understand why, but sure) but I had a flight plan back to VHXX and was intending on doing 1 touch and go and then departing back.

If you could please explain why you then ignored me and kept spamming “Attention all aircraft, no pattern work is being accepted at this time” that would be greatly appreciated.


12 hours? Wow, now that’s what I call a realistic shift. Whew!


Pm me and thank you your feedback is greatly appreciated

It not that realistic since there is no pattern work 😂😂😂 should be an easy 12 hours since IF doesn’t have the realistic traffic at VHHH 🙄😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Hey @Jeodanie_Smith is it okay if I run approach and departure with you?

It will be very boring as I have no pattern work but Please do 😂

It will be very boring as I have no pattern work but please do

Anyone is welcome to help me out with approach and Departure but it will be a boring frequency 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Traffic is so beautiful that we can leave our device for just more than a minute and still be able to provide excellent customer service 😂😂 due to no pattern work…all I ask is to watch your radar for my takeoffs so they don’t ask to land where they just departed from😂😂 you might have to do both Departure and Approach

Yea I’m doing both, don’t forget to frequency change them to departure.