[Closed] Its A Boeing Kind Of Day @ KNUC - 070300ZAUG06

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: KNUC-KPSP

Time: 03:00Z (8PM PST) Today

NOTAM: I know this is short notice so the event will be broad. Bring any type of Boeing Aircraft to KNUC (San Clemente) and well will fly to good ol" KPSP (Palm Springs). Cruising speed of 300KIAS and FLT LVL 120. Would be an honor to have you there and sorry for the short notice. Im bored and dying to fly an event.
PS: My callsign - Delta 17 76

KNUC - FIBLO bearing 065 - OYONU bearing 062 - TEVUC bearing 332 - and enter straight in 31L @ PSP. (ATC volunteers would be appreciated.

I’ll definitely try to join in, Call Sign, Elal 007.

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Hope to see you there buddy!

I’m assuming this is tomorrow @Wingnut1776 ? If not please change the topic title. Remember to add the standard title format for all events in the Events category.

Its today in 42 minutes

Which server?

The first line of the first post will tell you what server

Playground, Im there now, ill wait for ya

ill let you make your flight plan, then well head out @Shea_H

Let’s fly visual. Let’s go!!

Lol 777 is to big haha, ill fly the 737. Be there in a sec

He’s a freak!! I heard that. I’ll wait for you

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We still going to KPSP with the flight plan?

Damn, My phone crashed right before landing, beautiful flight!! Wingnut1776 and Rotate.

y’all went so fast, took me a little to catch up, next time we should get in formation! if you’re up for it

Thanks for the tag along! @Rotate

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That’s cool. Thanks for joining us,