[Closed] Irish 1916 Rising 100 Year Anniversary Event☘ @ EGBB - 272100ZMAR16

Join us to celebrate The 1916 Rising of Ireland! 100 years ago this week brave Irish men and women fought for Irish independence on the streets of Dublin☘

We are having a flight of honour in the London Region at 8pm GMT 27th March☘

We will be using the Aer lingus A321 but if you do not have the A321 bring The Ryanair 737-800🇮🇪

We will start At Birmingham (EGBB) and fly down to Heathrow (EGLL) to do a touch and go, we will then fly back up to Birmingham (EGBB) to land☘

This Event Will take place on the Advanced Server, ATC Would be needed☘

We would like to invite Everyone across the globe to join us to celebrate this day☘

We hope to see you there!🇮🇪


Thank you Sir!

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You did it wrong. Hold on, I’ll fix it.

Thank you @CptNathanHope I was just about to do it 🙂

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I’m always watching 👀


Aer Lingus and Ryanair I think

Aer lingus is one of my favourite liverys! And plus it’s in the London region! Two of my best things combined!

Count me in! See you all there!

Callsign: Aer Lingus (Shamrock) 660
Display Name: CaptainDan

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I’ll be there!

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@Conor_Keane… MaxSez…“Up the Republic”… Orange or Black & Tan,there a vial color BoyO! I’ll be there, Call Sign “Patty”. Lest we forget; AOH Member for Life Sends


@Maxwell291 Great to hear!

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@Maxmustang see you there !

@Captain_Dan Great to hear! See you there!

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From EICK! See you there!

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Great to hear;) @daired_b

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As much as I would love to come, (being Irish myself) I’m probably going to be busy around then, but I’ll see what I can do.

No worries!

10 mins till the event :), what parking spots would like us to all spawn into?