[Closed] Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (Launch & Recovery Exercise) @ KNKX - 101600ZSEP16

It’s been a while since we tried this event, this is merely an attempt to see if there is any new interest for semi realistic fighter events.

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Southern California

Airport: KNKX, Miramar MCAS

Day: Saturday, September 10th

Time: 1600Z, (0900T Local Pacific Time)

Aircraft Type: F-14 Tomcat, Default Configuration

Primary Objective: Familiarization with Formation Launch & Overhead Recovery procedures for fighter aircraft

##Formation Launch:##

##Overhead Recovery:##

Secondary Objective: Familiarization with Finger Four Formation & Left Echelon Formation

NOTAM: Parking locations designate formation assignments. For this exercise, #1 is in charge of filing the flight plan, leading the route, and of all ATC communications; #2 stays on #1’s wing; #3 is in charge of formation change to Left Echelon; #4 stays on #3’s wing.

Recommend all wingmen copy #1’s flight plan for better situational awareness.

Procedures are as follows:

##Solo Practice Exercise##

Disclaimer, All pics photoshopped in PowerPoint, maintaining tight formations as pictured is not expected. IF lags and skips when extremely close. Do your best to stay in position.


Nice thought out event!


Yyeeeaahhhhh I’ll try to be there. @Maxmustang @Tyler_Shelton


Incredible job planning this event! Really outstanding. I’ll try my best to make it.


I think I can come, but I am at the beach. I have to be in a F/A-18.


Max Sends: @Down4Double…Now that’s a piece of work! “Outstanding”! Unable to fly this one, in the Catskills Fishing till 1 Oct with extended family. Will Practice and hope to join up as “Missing Man” if necessary. “Do Good Work” , Regards All Concerned END

(@AR_AR thanks for the heads up.)



@Down4Double, So the FPL is clockwise? For the landing do we pass over the runway once, then do the brakeaway in to the crosswind, down the downwind, then base, then final?


Seems very interesting. I will try to come.


Yes that interpretation is correct. I probably made it sound more complicated than it actually is. If you’ve never tried an overhead, they are a lot of fun. Especially if you are breaking up a large formation.

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If I can come, I can be any, prefer FL or EL.


Yes defiantly, your assignment is all based on where you park… First come, first serve… I’ll try to get there early and park off to the side with the flight plan filed. Once the spots are filled, FL will callout taxi.

If the spot you want is filled, try taxiing across to the B flight spots.

@Down4Double, do you think we can get people who came to this to do a 9/11 memorial flight/formation?

Idk, I can’t speak for anyone else. Life tends to get in the way a lot! However these type of events don’t require a ton of people to show up to be successful. If you can get a group of 3 or 4 good pilots, you can have a lot of fun. As long as you keep it respectful (9/11 is a sensitive subject, especially in aviation), I bet you might be able to organize something via PM afterwards.

If you or anyone else is interested in using the material in the original post for other events, please feel free.

Thank you. I will try to keep it to only people who understand the idea behind this flight, remembering the ones who where lost that day. I think you can be apart of that. I am still at the beach for another one and a 1/2 weeks, so I’m not sure I even make it.

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Good luck in this event!!

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very much looking forward to this event and practicing my flying 8’s!!! both in my F14 and Cirrus(for familiarity with the airport, landmarks etc) I hope I can be part of the formation. practicingfor man number 4. we’llsee, regardless. this sounds like amazing event to just watch and see. Thank you for the well thought of event.


Just realized that it is at 12:00pm here. I will most likely be on the beach then. I hope this event goes well.

Thanks for flying everyone, that was fun! I hope that y’all had a good time as well.

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No! I missed it! 😣 Completely forgot! Should have posted a reminder! Ah well, next time.

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Caught the tail end of it. Thought I was joining in on the overhead pass, but was joining in on the recovery leg. That was fun! Maybe try to do this every week? This seemed like great practice! Please arrange another, even one exactly like it!

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