[closed]Int. Women's Day & Laura - Event @ KSQL - 111800ZMAR17

Server: Expert & Casual (your choice!)

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSQL San Carlos

Time: 1800Z (Www.worldtimebuddy.com)

End Time: 1930UTC

Aircraft: cessna 172 + super decathlon (only!)

Callsign: IFSFGmembers use their assigned IFSFGcallsign

Dear IFSFG, IFFG & IF-Community Members,

This Saturday’s Event is dedicated to all women in the world and especially to our

💞🛍👠Laura Laban💅🏻💋💄

So let’s fly around her chosen Homeland, the San Francisco Region, to honour her !

Name: why wouldn’t you put a message to Laura as your pilot’s name in IFS, for this event!?:)
Exemple: Love to Laura
(Be imaginative ;-) )

Take off and fly around this airport or farther, do flight of 2, 3, 4,… as you like, or follow simply others or fly by your own :-)


Take your best screenshots and share them after the event in IFSFG, IFFG and in the community under the event. We will post the best screenshots on our Instagram: ifsflygroup (don’t hesitate giving us your Instagram so we can tag you).

As IFSFG unfortunately don’t have yet any female members, this event is also an opportunity for us to invite any female pilot to join us :-)

Cu you hopefully all at our event!
Have fun!

//Ronny Martin - IFSFG CEO
//Zakariya Mahtout - IFSFG COO




Great event! Fully supportive, but try not to tag Laura:)


I don’t tag her generally, but this time I wanted to tag her;-)


The rule of thumb is not tag her at all. Even in situations like this. But it’s an awesome looking event. Best of luck :)


Please just put in a comment your Callsign (if not IFSFG member) if you’ll join the event:-)

Everyone should fly the Super D because it’s close enough to a citabria

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Nice comment I’m gonna change the event, cessna and super décathlon can be used ;-) thanks @Rodney_Buckland , will you be flying with us?

Hey Everyone…where is your support??..don’t be shy!! we will be just cruising in the airs :p

No need to bump friend :) if people are interested they will comment! Good looking event


The whole concept just comes across as a little weird & over the top/“creepy”, Laura’s Laura, so something like this kinda makes a deal outta nothing.

At least that is my opinion on the event & why I wont be there, I imagine others feel the same way. (Not going to get into a back and forth over this)


It wasn’t mean what I was saying :-) …just more “don’t be shy celebrating the women”:-)

I’m sorry you are feeling like that. I think the 8th March is an important day for all women and that this year particularly for Laura, as she can celebrate it as a Woman. So I do want to honnor all women with this event and especially Laura as she is our woman in infinite flight, that’s all.
It would be nice to see you flying with us, as you apparently like propeller aircrafts;-) and you could show us how to fly them honorably !:-)…but it’s your choice and I accept it, of course:-)

Ps: it’s not important how many of pilots are coming to this event…and by the way you can’t see here the pilots are coming who have checked in in our IFSFG group;-)

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Cool, thank you and welcome to our Event!;-)

thanks all for coming, it was really cool cruising around KSQL and doing touch and goes…though not really easy with the cessna and super decathlon…though I’ve never had before that much xp in that less time hahaha :-)
cu you for our next event!

//ronny - IFSFG CEO

no pictures…?

not even one…?

Sure there are screenshots:-)

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