[CLOSED]Infinite Flight Lovers Gathering @ KSFO - 130200ZMAR17

Server: Expert

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSFO-KSCK

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: Infinite Flight livery planes only

Show your love for Infinite Flight by joining this event! Come to KSFO as we fly to KSCK.

Use any Infinite Flight callsign.

Gate A01A: SirPilotOfAviation - Infinite Flight 537
GateA01B: @John_Ryan
Gate A02: @Abhishek_Vij
Gate A03: @Paulo_Henrique
Gate A04:
Gate A05:
Gate A06:
Gate A07:
Gate A08:
Gate A09:
Gate A10:
Gate A11A:
Gate A11B:
Gate A12:
Gate A18:
Gate A19:

Please only pushback when Infinite Flight 537 has pushbacked.
Copy my FPL on the day.

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Isn’t every flight people take showing love? Sorry I’m too blind to understand the significance in this.


Basically, it’s just a gathering for all planes in IF livery…

I will take a gate please.

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I will also take a gate pls

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@Paulo_Henrique Do you still want a gatè?

I’m sorry I won’t be able to make this event, pls go on without me.

Yes man I want stiil a gate

Dear Friend,

It is acually too hard to make it at that time because it will be early morning especially at middle east countries [-5, +5] GMT. If the timing was suitable for me, I may join this event as well. Else, so sorry guys!


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