[Closed] Infinite Flight Halloween Event @ KLAX - 312100ZOCT15

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This is an Infinite Flight Halloween Event! This event will take place on Halloween evening! Please read instructions below for suggested flight plans and details.

Where: Southern California region on Advanced Server. Advanced ATC controllers will do their best to keep the airspaces controlled at all times. This event will include 4 different airports:

This event will take place from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, October 31.

The pilot’s challenge is to start at one of the listed airports, and fly in the counterclockwise direction, stopping at each airport until they make it back to their starting airport. Fly with a buddy or by yourself, and let’s see who can complete all five legs of the journey the fastest!
You can perform a Touch and Go, or land, taxi to the other end and take off!
You can select your aircraft for this event.

No specific flight plan is required but here are RECOMMENDED flight directions.

Route 1: KLAX-KSAN,13000 at 370 knots. Descend at REDDIW to 4000 with Vs at 4000. Landing 27 with Terminal Parking.
Route 2: KSAN-KPSP, 14000 at 370 knots. Descend at TRM To 4000 at 1800feet/min.
Landing 13R/31L depending on winds
Terminal Parking
Route 3: KPSP-KONT, Takeoff 13R/31L 12000 at 370 knots
Landing 26L
Route 4: KONT-KLAX
8000 at 250 knots, takeoff 26L/R

Once again this is recommended flight directions and view pictures for recommended flight plans.

Advanced ATC will do their best to be there for the pilots.

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