[CLOSED] Infinite_Flight_Dude's ATC tracking thread

I’ll come in a Cessna, inbound from Hooks.

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So happy to see all these people here!

That was fun! Good job with ATC! @JRRaviation bro you buttered the bread on that last landing


I’m coming in from DFW. See ya in a few. ETA ~25 mins.


I’ll get on as approach for ya!

ATC is officially closed! Please leave any constructive criticism to help make me a better ATC controller!

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lol thanks. I liked it when you got told to check the forum for assistance lmaoo

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Sorry, I’ll open tomorrow though… I promise!

I didn’t do anything tho 😂 The 757 has a terrible turn radius


Y’all I’ll open as approach if anyone wants to open tower.

me me i’ll do it… hehe

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A little high on the transition. Would provide more feedback but you left.

Thanks to all who participated! Have a great evening (I’m going to fly now).

When I was there. Feedback:

  1. For the majority of the time you cleared everyone number 1 for the option which was confusing on our end then a major problem when two aircraft tried to land on 08R I believe. Might be wrong, I was landing as well.
  2. You didn’t sequence anyone. Recomend this great tutorial:
    The Art of Sequencing: A Guide to Success
  3. When you clear me for the option you don’t have to say “make left traffic” each time. That is only if you want me to change to “make right traffic” or if you have changed my runway.

Other than that, great work. Keep going. 👌


Thank you so much for your constructive criticism! Have a great evening!

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Did you forget to descend? 😂 My vectoring wasn’t too good, sorry bout that.

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Sorry about that. I was expecting to descend as I extended downwind and it messed with me to make that west approach.

My bad.


Have a great night.


Yeah I was trying to keep it realistic because at IAH they don’t normally use the 33’s for arrivals.

Have a great night too!


I had no idea this was a thing. :-)



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