[Closed] Infinite Flight | Dubai Airshow 2017 @ OMDW - 182300ZNOV17

Server: Casual
Airport: OMDW
Date: Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Time: 2300Z - 2400Z (1 Hour)
NOTAMS: Please follow Event rules and act professional.

Aircraft For Event

These Aircraft can do a static display or even participate in the airshow itself.

A318-100 - Airbus Livery (New)
A319-100 - Saudia Airlines and Northwest Airlines
A321-200 - Etihad (2015)
A380-800 - Emirates Livery and Etihad Livery

B777-200F - Emirates Cargo Livery
B777-300ER - Emirates Livery
B787-8 - Infinite Flight (2016)
B787-10 - Boeing Livery

Dash-8 Q400 - Bombardier Livery

Cessna Citation X
C208 Grand Caravan
C172 Skyhawk


Embraer 195 - Any Livery

Military / Air Force:
Spitfire Mk VIII
C-130H - Royal Netherlands Air Force and US Navy
C-130J - RAF 50 Years Anniversary
C-130J-30 - Royal Air Force of Oman

Gates: Comment your Aircraft (Listed Above) and what gate you would like.

Static Display: Stay at the gate
Cargo Gate S301: Balloonchaser - Infinite Flight - B788
Cargo Gate S302: bobo2345 - A318ACJ
Cargo Gate S303: Owain_G - South African Airways - B742
Cargo Gate S304: Harrison_Allen - Bombardier Q400 Dash 8
Cargo Gate S305: Spraklin - Biritsh Airways - A318
Cargo Gate S306:
Cargo Gate S307:
Cargo Gate S308:
Cargo Gate S309:
Cargo Gate S310:
Cargo Gate S311:
Cargo Gate S312:
Cargo Gate S313:
(More Gates Available)

Flying Display: Spawn in these gates or spawn at a near-by airport and flyover
Gate S801: Lewis_Birdie_Avery - Spitfire Mk III
Gate S802: Rolene_van_der_Westh - F-22
Gate S803: Jilian_Losekoot - F-16
Gate S804: Morgan99 - Airbus House - A319 -
Gate S805: BobbyRobert - Northwest Airlines - A319 - Stunt
Gate S806: Justin_Chan - Boeing 787-10
Gate S807: NERMAL - Lufthansa - A380
Gate S808:
Gate S809:
Gate S810: Nate_Schneller - F-22 - IFAE Global Air Force
Gate S811: SVEN_MORLEY - “CF-18”
Gate S812: Joshua_Bayes_Green - F-16C

Etrain - C-130
bobo2345 C-130
RCFlyer86 - C130 - RAF 50th Anniversary
Boeing 747-8 - Fighter jet

Terminal Gate S440:
Terminal Gate S441:
Terminal Gate S442R: DeltaMD88Fan - F-16 - Heritage Flight
Terminal Gate S442: Luke - P-38 - Heritage Flight
Terminal Gate S442L:
Terminal Gate S443R:
Terminal Gate S443L:
Terminal Gate S444R:
Terminal Gate S444L:
Terminal Gate S445:
Terminal Gate S446:
Terminal Gate S447:
Terminal Gate S448:
(More Gates Available)

Please PM me if you are a VA who would like to participate in this event.

Big announcement to be made. Keep your eyes on this thread!

Hope to see you there! :D


I think you should put it on Casual, because most likely you would get hit with the “Aerobatic maneuvers prohibited in the vicinity of an active airport” warning.


Aerobatic procedures, expert server, fast planes to me it sounds like a recipe for violations… Other than that I’d gladly join.


Hi! I would like to apply a performance of our F16 demonstration team and the USAF heritage flight. I wish to speak in depth with you on this, thank you.

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Event Has been moved to Casual due to requests and me being stupid :P


Would you like to preform or watch from the ground at the static display?

I wish I could come but it would be too late in my time zone.
Anyway have a great event Jack :)

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A schedule will be put out a day or two prior to the event. Those who are on the schedule but don’t start right away are expected to watch from the ground or flying around off-site.

The point of this is to have the full attention on the group proforming.

I would like to come in multiple aircraft, so as a static display in a 787-10, then a static display in an Emirates A380, then an actual airshow in maybe an F-16, F-14, and a display in the 787-10 to finish it off, assign me some gates that will fit all of it

Let’s take this to PM so we can talk this out better

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The 787-10 has arrived in Dubai!


I wouldn’t mind doing acrobatics in the northwest airlines a319. Don’t mind which gate

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Roger That!

You can take S803! :D

Gotcha. Practicing on casual now

Practice results; It’s beautiful…


Hi, Is this still happening? if so id like to join in?

Would you like to preform or watch (static display)?!? If so, what aircraft?

Would you still like a gate? If so, PM me.

Unfortunately, I just realized I won’t be able to attend at that time. Thanks anyways :)

Hi I’ll be flying and in the spitfire, how long is each display?