(Closed)Infinite Flight Destinations: Organising Monthly Events!

Hey Everyone!

  • I am trying to create a new organisation for Monthly Flyouts from every Major Airport around the Globe. This will be split into several Continents. A poll will be made for everyone to choose their own favourite Airport to fly away chosen by me. This will be split into 12 Months per event. Feel free to suggest further airports given below.

  • I use information from Flightradar24. All Gates are accurately assigned with the relevant hub per airline. Virtual Airliners are fully free to inspire and sponsor throughout these 12 months.

Featured Airports.

  • Warsaw has been chosen as my First Airport to Fly away from in the beginning of June. Why? Because Warsaw Airport has yet not been featured in any event throughout the community. The First 2 Airports of the Year is featured in Europe. Heading Eastwards.
  • Which Airport will be chosen next? Take a vote Below as the Poll will close in a matter of 7 days.

  • Kiev Boryspil Int’l Airport (UKBB)
  • Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV)
  • Istanbul Airport (LFTM)

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Poll will be closed within a week.

This is a great idea!

So you’re trying to create an organisation like a virtual organisation?

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Is this moderator approved?

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@baseball_inferno I don’t think this topic needs any Moderator approval. The point here is that I love creating Monthly events. So I thought of creating an organisation for myself so people could freely choose their next featured Airport listed below. There is no point for me to create an event myself, where people are starting to have no interest in some event I would create, lacking attendants. I just want more opinions. :)

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If you are trying to create something like a VO, remember you have to get it IFVARB approved before advertising it 🙃

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I understand that, but couldn’t use just create an ordinary poll (on it’s own topic, or a previous event), requesting what event to do next, so you could see the overall demand of what people want?

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@Niccckk isn’t this the reason I made this topic?

@GlobalFlyer1 I don’t want to create an “actual” organisation. I will not hire anyone here. It’s just for the people’s opinions on which airport is chosen next.


I have an idea for this then. Make this into an event request tracking thread, where people can post their polls here on what events they would like for people to vote on. (Just throwing that out there since it just came to mind 😂)


Maybe I’ll just change the title to make it become more clear if you all think it’s a little inappropriate. 😕

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Also, just for a reminder, I will be out the full month in July. This will mean that I will make no events during this Month for you all and to enjoy the beautiful summer. 👍

Will be back in August so it will be awesome!

I think hes just posting a vote and happend to make a fun logo in the process. I dont see any harm in that I mean hes not posting a website link

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To further announce my next events, we will head Eastwards throughout the World. Will go right through the Middle-East, Asia, the Oceania and Australia. We will then split this through Honolulu, full United States and back to Europe.

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Athens has now been chosen! Thank you guys for voting in the poll above. As said now, I will be out for the full Month in July. I will be back in August. More destinations to come!

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