[Closed] Infinite.Flight ATC Thread @ N/A

Server: Global Training Server

Region: TBD

Airport: TBD

Open or Closed: Closed!

It has been way to long since I practiced my air traffic control skills. I’ve been so bogged down with college and Frontier Virtual Airlines work but I thought I’d start a series of ATC controlling sessions approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour long along the West and East coasts.
Normally, sinceim in a deep passionate relationship with Denver Airport, I stick to the Denver “region” but I decided to break from the norm and start a fresh.

Should we leave advice?:
Absolutely! I’m hoping one day to rejoin IFATC. After my great disaster in the summer of 2016, I decided to stick to training server. But who knows, maybe I can learn from my mistakes I made in controlling and enjoy some ATC and give back my time back to FDS after they gave me so much.


I am currently tower and ground at SEA. Feedback is appreciated greatly. :D

Will be there, Frontier Flight 7

Will be there, Frontier 305

Civil Air Patrol 208 is coming in for some patterns :)

My transitions are a bit rusty. But thanks for stopping by Civil Air :)

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Glad to see you there my Frontier friend :D

I expect to see you frontier friend :)

I will be open for another 30 minutes so if anyone wants to hop in for a flight out of SEA somewhere, please don’t hesitate to test me ;)

Oh no, my landing went worse.😔 Nice ATC control, I should say. 👌🏼 You did pretty good @SkyHighGuys .

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Thank you kindly! I saw that nice landing ;). But seriously, good job on being a mature pilot. I’m proud to have been your ATC tonight!


I’ll come there again. How long will you be open?

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I’ll be open another 10-15 minutes probably.

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Great disaster…???

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Hope you can make it down tonight :) if not thanks for stopping by. I’ll be hosting more sessions on during the week and into next week.

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Feedback: Very Good [9/10]
Your performance was really good tonight! I was easily able to come in and do a couple of patterns without any mistakes by the ATC. The reason why I could give you a 10/10 was because you gave a good enough instruction for a transition but on the map it will give you the ceiling for the airspace (Your airspace was from 0 to 2900ft) A transition of 3000 would have been better (Especially that there weren’t that many aircraft in the vicinity).

Other than that… Good Job!

IFATC - Jack
Civil Air Patrol 208


Was there …good job! :)

I thank you kindly for your feedback! The reason I gave that extra 500 foot ceiling was because I had idiot grade 1 pilots climbing to 2000 feet before the ed of the runway and I wanted to ensure some space between you and them. But I do see where I can improve! Thanks :)


Thank you kindly ;) Yetman

Thanks to all of the awesome people who stopped by. If I made many mistakes, feel free to tell me below :)
I’ll make sure y’all are alerted when I’m back open. Have a great night/morning!

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