[Closed] Infinite Flight Airshow

Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody was interested in creating an IF Live Airshow. If anybody is interested, just let me know, and we can start doing some schedules. Thanks!


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Cool! I might go.

Ok, so before to many people say that they want to join, I am going to lay down some rules for registration, and participation in the airshow.

How to register:
To register, simply comment your act name, and the plane you will be flying. It is extremely simple, and if you do comment, your guaranteed a spot in the event.


  1. SKILLED PILOTS ONLY! NO CRASHING ALLOWED! Make sure to practice before you enter, because it’s not very fun to go to an airshow and see planes crashing left and right.
  2. You can only pick certain planes, with certain liveries. (see below).
  3. The only plane you can’t pick is the F-22, because my act is the finishing act, and an F-22 can only show up once.

Plane Info:
There are certain guidelines that you have to follow when choosing your plane. Here are the planes you can choose, and what liveries on them:

  1. F/A-18
  2. F-14 (All liveries
  3. F-16C
  4. P-38
  5. Spitfire Mk VIII
  6. Cessna Citation X (Livery 1, Livery 5, Livery 7, and the IF livery)
  7. Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
  8. Boeing 777-300ER (Emirates, Qatar, and Generic)
  9. Boeing 747-8 (Generic, Boeing, and IF (2015)
  10. Airbus A340-600 (House Colors, Unmarked)
  11. A-10

Sorry for the super long post, but I hope to see you registering! After a couple of people do this, I will be starting a schedule, and starting to plan dates that work for all of us. Happy flying!

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I’ll be doing a near vertical take-off with the A340-600.

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We only can choose one plane right?

Bulba, sounds great! I’ll write you down. Also, what livery are you using? Narroc_Wim, yes, you can only choose one plane.

I will do a VTO and an aerobatics display in an F-16C. Also, if anyone is up for it, would you like to do a low flying pass on formation over the airport.

Awesome! I can’t wait to see your F-16 performance!

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I will do a IFAO flyover in the new 748 livery. Any other members up for it?

Sounds great! I’ll put you down as slot 3!

I’ll be in a f-14 then

Great! You will be slot 4. It doesn’t really matter right now, but the schedule will be up on Saturday or Sunday.

I would love to come! Can I come in a 747-400? If not then F/A-18 :D

See you there!

Remember people will be in different time zones, I’m UK BTW.

Emirates 777-300ER

I would prefer that an F/A-18, because we already have a 747 coming in. Thanks for singing his up, you are slot 5!

Awesome, your in. Slot 6!

Is it possible to add a 737 also when is this