[Closed] Infinite Flight Airshow @ EGKK - 302010ZDEC15


My name is Colonel Jeff, I hope to run a airshow on the 30th of December, 8:30pm Zulu Time at Gatwick Airport

But for this to happen, I need your help,

Many times people have tried to run airshows, most have failed, which is sad, because why shouldn’t we have the opportunity to see our most loved planes doing the hardest maneuvers possible?

We need a line up of professional pilots who can preform stunts and tricks able to follow rules


  • You must have a valid live subscription
  • Must have teamspeak
  • Must be able to attend one of the training sessions ( 3 tomorrow )

Continuing on the Teamspeak, British Airways VA is kindly offering their teamspeak server for the day

Please apply in the comments below with your aircraft and what you want to do, only the best will be chosen.

Thank you for reading this,
Tell me if I’ve done something wrong.

Colonel Jeff

If someone could make this post into the Event Section

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My friend, I like the idea and you’re enthusiasm, but I’m not sure that people will manage 3 sessions tomorrow…

Still, a good idea :-)

I’ll edit it, does seem a bit extreme now

Sorry I can’t make it. But sounds fun

Man i can’t come because its to late for me

I want to participate with my a 320. please i’ll join you in teamspeak

Sure, join at around 8pm in teamspeak

In wich server??