[Closed] Infinite Flight Air Show @ KVCV - DD1600ZMONYY

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Socal

Airport: KVCV

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Only a380’s,b737 family,747’s family and a32X family when it comes out. Date will vary as this event will need the a320X family. Show of ur flying skill.


Can’t you make it KVCV on Socal? I mean its free, and it’s not a very active airport.

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@Captain_DJ sure

Do we need atc ?

Free Flight I think, no ATC the better.

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Ok thx for ur opinion. Hope u like the event

But we have to make sure everything is organised otherwise it’ll be all over the place

If u want a different time pls tell me

What means TBA?

Nah, we need ATC.

Multiple people have told you multiple times on multiple topics what TBA means!

Ok any1 volunteering to be atc…some1 good and organised?

so you don’t want an ATC?

do it on the advanced server, no atc though, so if you let us participate in the flight show you know that trolls are going to have a hard time unlocking the advanced server

@natzoo I will do that right now and @DS2001 I do want atc… If everybody is all right with it

Plz don’t put on Advanced. ATC Playground is the way to go!

Whatever u say @B767fan I was actually thinking the same thing as inexperienced pilots (no offence to them) can learn a thing or to from the experianced pilots.

Please fix event title to meet the guidlines. Thanks :)

What tittle are u thinking of.

can you start at 1600Z? when european people stop working