(Closed) Infinite Airshow @ EGVA - 150800Z DEC17 - 171600Z DEC17

Server: Casual

RAF Fairford

Start: Friday 15th December 2017 @ 0800Z
Finish: Sunday 17th December 2017 @1600Z

Friday 15th December: Arrivals and Rehearsal day
Saturday 16th & 17th December: Display days.

Come down to RAF Fairford and have some fun, whether you participate in the flying displays or sit on static display, you will not want to miss out on this exciting air show, a perfect get together for everyone in the Infinite flight Community before Christmas.
If you would like to participate in the flying display, please reply to this with your callsign/display name and what aircraft you would like to fly.
Every aircraft is welcome.

The aircraft participating in the flying display will be on the north of the runway, all static will be situated south of the runway, I’ll be releasing a map shortly.

The Static Display area on the map is marked by the pink box. So if you only want to be on static, please spawn in at any part of the airport marked below:

There are a limited number of gates for flying display, so reply asap and tell me if you would like to participate on a single day or both days.

Flying Display:
Charlie 1 - 5: DeltaMD88fan team
Charlie 06: Mattman008 C130j-30
Charlie 07: Morgan99 F14
Charlie 08: Morgan99 787-9
Charlie 9,11: Morgan99 KC10 refueling flypast
Charlie 10: Charlie Edgar c130 Fat Albert

Delta 02: ILoveFlying 747-8

Opening flypast: Morgan99 KC10/KDC10 flypast
Display 1: DeltaMD88fan and team
Display 2:Morgan99 F14
Display 3: Charlie Edgar c130
Display 4: ILoveFlying 747-8
Display 5: Morgan99 787-9

See you there!


What’s the time in PST

The arrivals/rehearsal day is today and open now, however both the display days (Saturday and Sunday) the show starts at 1400Z with I believe is 0600PST.

Ok,I will join in a 747-8f.

Can I just show up and land there and be a static display.

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Sure can!!! Obviously show up before the show starts though.

Flying or static display?

Static display most likely

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Ok, feel free to come onto static both days, not compulsory though

Display because I love the 747

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I will be in the 747SP-SOFIA

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Also is it ok if I fly into the airport for static display instead of spawning in?

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Also I’ll try to come both days but I am probably going to only do one

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Yeah that’s fine, I’ll put you in the flying display list and you can be an in show arrival

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Sure thing, you’re on the “Delta 02” stand.

Thank you, I may takeoff from Heathrow and fly to the field

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My callsign is Boeing 8

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Sounds good! I’ll be there

I will be in the Emirates 777-300ER

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Roger that, hopefully it’ll be rwy 27 in use, when you land taxi all the way down to the end of 27 (start of 09), and taxi onto static display that way.