[Closed] Infi Tracking Thread @LFBO


Welcome everyone,
To my atc tracking thread which as you will see is frequently open as I am taking the practical test soon.I request all you reading to come to my tracking thread and give me feedback of my controlling.This is greatly appreciated.


I am on my way to do a couple of patterns for you!


On my way for some patterns!


I’ll come by


Guys small problem,I found a unknown aircraft and the game just crashed


You did well, you have the basic knowledge which is good.
Here are some things you can work on though:

  • Correct pattern instructions,
    When I wanted to change from 31L to 31R you told me to enter straight in when I was on left downwind, the correct command would have been, Enter Left downwind runway 31R.
  • Sequencing, I think you’ll get the hang of this easy, you sequenced some aircraft well, but some were incorrect.
    Have a look at Where left/right base, left/right downwind, are on an airport map, it will help.
    I suggest you look at videos on the Infinite flight YouTube channel.


Explain in detail?


Hey sorry for the inconvenience,the game crashed a few moments after spotting a unk aircraft on final
Thx for the feedback


I will do this again soon after a few days of getting more used to it…I was quite nervous at first,


The next time I do this,should I create new topic or edit current topic or just create new reply


Hi there, my callsign was “CIROC”

Few things here:

  • Good usage of ground commands such as hold short and LUAW. Although Work on creating a mental image of the speed of aircraft on final, you could’ve gotten me off before that tbm landed.
  • Don’t use clearance to sequence aircrafts instead use sequencing. Also, be careful with the positions of the pattern. You said “Tankerius number 2 traffic to follow on Left base” when I was still on Left downwind.
  • Wrong Pattern entry for runway change. You said “enter straight in 31R” while I was on Left downwind hence should’ve been “enter left downwind 31R”.
  • You Sent me an exit command while I was on left base and then just leave. Seemed kinda disrespectful because if you were to come back like you did just send a go around command and explain the situation. Also, let the pilots know when you leaving so we all know you gonna be closing soon.

If any discussion or problem, my pm is always open
Keep it up


The information that you have received above covers what I observed mostly whilst I was there! However, it was a great service with a good knowledge base of most of the command tested there.

Great job,



Yes,about the exit command…I am so sorry about that I was trying to communicate with a unk(unknown aircraft)but couldn’t press any buttons,when he dissapeared of the radar I kept tapping on the screen in confusion,then for some reason I just crashed.
After researching a little,I found that it is due to some connection problem.
I really appreciate the feedback though.


[Closed] (ground & tower) @KSSC - Training server

  • pattern work allowed
  • take off and landing runways, 22R and 22L
  • preferably small aircrafts
  • I shall be around for just 60 min


Lol no one came…am I doing something wrong


No, people simply may have not been available.


But a lot of people won’t know about this thread as everytimeq I edit the title,it doesn’t show on the top of the searches…only the people who have replied to my post first will get to know:(


[Closed] (ground & tower) @KSSC - Training server

  • pattern work allowed
  • take off and landing runways, 04L and 04R
  • preferably small aircrafts
  • I shall be around for just 60 min


I’ll fly some patterns :)


Sorry I was running out of time…