Closed in-flight application

I just missed a flight from Honolulu to San Francisco.
It’s a problem I’ve been having since the launch of Global.
at cruising altitude when I put in the camera of the airport closest to the aircraft
the application simply closes
result in loss of flight
I wanted a possible explanation for the problem
I will leave the datasheet of my device =

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

Android 7.0

Cortex-A53 Exynos 7 octa 7580

1.6 Ghz 8 core



Additional Information
my device has Assessed the root memory
but I do not use it to do any fraud in the app
use to cause other (selected) applications to go to sleep
Remembering that this happened before before the root assesse
this my device have more than 800MB of free RAM
my device is also with 3GB free in memory

another thing
when I use Infinite Flight
I also use the IF Assistant application.

I used Google Translator.

Thanks for listening.

Does the app crash when you put that view?

it does not even catch.
simply close

This has been a known issue for some time now, but I know the DEVS are working hard to fix it.

Don’t worry. Your flight time XP will be saved for the time you were flying before you crashed.


Thank you.
I understand
but I want a more plausible explanation
because I thought that this was happening only with me
but as you said
This has already happened.
I expect a response from the creators not to have to go through such disappointment
neither I nor the other participants.

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That’s what I meant by crash :)

The DEVS have lives and have to work. They can’t be on the Forum every second unfortunately. Although our moderators will speak for the DEVS.

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I would strongly recommend avoiding that camera view for now! ATC and Tower cameras are probably pushing your device to its limits.

Also we recommend that you have at least 1GB of RAM available for Infinite Flight’s use while flying/controlling in the app. During cruise you could adjust (lower) your graphics settings to lessen the burden on your device as well.

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Thank you
I already did several monitoring
the application never used more than 572MB of RAM.
my device has 2GB RAM but only gets 800MB free
thanks to the Greenify application that I use to let other apps go to sleep.

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It’s a known issue that can happen for some users, as previously mentioned.

To avoid it;
Don’t change to a tower view unless you’re close to an airport.

We’re working on it.


Thank you very much
for making the IF better

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