[CLOSED] ignas04's ATC tracking thread

Come to - - - -! I am currently ATCing there. Please do pattern work!!

ATC is now open at KSAN. Pattern work please!

Hello @Ignas04. Are you practising you ATC skills to become an IFATC or just to sharpen them??

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Just to sharpen them :) I already got a lot of work on me in IF with my VA, so unable to take more positions.

Nice. I ll be there in 2 min. Nasa 1

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Do you want feedback here or PM @Ignas04??

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First of all, sorry, didn’t calculate the distance and speed of the Heavy and made You go around. Haven’t been ATC in a long while.

And second, I was watching from Tower camera view You overshooting the runway :O Was that a mistake I’ve made with the speed request?

Feel free to post the feedback at Your discretion.

Ok. I ll post it here, so other pilots that want to sharpen their skills can leaen from your feedback

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▪When I called inbound, you just cleared me. Remember: You should always give pattern entry to all inbound aircrafts.
▪When i announced go around, your reply was: Enter left base RNW 27. 1) When someone announces go around your responce should always be: Go around make left or right traffic.2) Even though your responce was wrong, the entry should have been DW not Base:

▪As you mentioned above, you missed the go around. Your responce was correct that time though.
▪Remember to give exit commands when an ac speed is below 100kts(Thats not for my case)
▪Last thing:I requested frequency change to contact ground to taxi to parking. You told me frequency change instead of contact ground.

As I saw, you are not keen on ATCing, so always remember the following
Pattern entry-> Sequence -> Clear


I don’t understand this part.

Thanks for the feedback though!! I’ll be sure to follow the correct procedures next time!

Yeah…Just fixed it!!

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But you havent answer my question. Do you want to clarify to you what transition is or you didnt see my message when I requested it ?

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Ah, okay. I understand now. I shall improve.

P.S. Whoever wants, can join. I am still ATC in KSAN.

I know what a transition is, however I didn’t know how to respond…

Like, I needed to know Your intentions. Were You going to land? Just flying over to some other airport?

ATC is closed for the day! I will not join tomorrow or Friday, since I am busy and from June 16th to 25th I will be away in Japan :)

See You in the skies soon!

ATCing at KSAN! Come by and do some pattern work!

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I will be there in 2min
Callsign Lufthansa 873

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Roger that! Feedback is appreciated!

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Do you want the Feedback in this Post or as a PM?

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