(CLOSED) IFWP SNF Getting Heavy in San Fransisco! @ KSFO - 122000ZDEC15

Server: ATC Playground + Advanced

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *SATURDAY NIGHT FLIGHT! This Saturday night ( 2000 Z for 9 hrs) IFWP are hosting the San Fransisco Heavies Fly in, on Advanced and ATC PLayground Servers!

Bring your Favourite 4 engine wide body aircraft in any livery to the San Fransisco Region for touch and go’s and some nice Winter Sun!!


check out the Infinite Flight World Pilots facebook group!


You need ATC on advance ?

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I’m jealous of your graphics. So shinyyyy…

Don’t normally have my graphics settings that high as makes my IPad run a bit laggy, but occasionally put them on for some photo shoots!


It looks so realistic if it weren’t with the user dot, the airport and the wifi signal…

if I was any good at editing they would have been removed!!

Please find below the link to the IFR Arrival and Departure procedures for Saturday Night.



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suggested Flight PLan, starting at KOAK and finishing at KSFO. of course yo can do the reverse or something else that you fancy!

apologies flight plan was done on my iPhone 5 rather than my updated iPad!!

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That interface is ancient. and you have the old 747 lol

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yep! my iPhone can handle the update! got the full Live + on my iPad at home though!

A couple of pictures from last night. Thanks to all those who came along and supported the event!