[CLOSED] IFSQF - Infinite Flights Squadron Flyers Welcome Flight @ KPSP - 172200ZSEP17


Server: Training Server 1

Region: SoCal

Airport: KPSP

Time: 2200z

Date: Sunday, September 17

NOTAM: Heavies Only, 300< Hosted by Aviator Squadron.

The first IFSQF Event will be a Heavies only. Remember that a Heavy (or a Super) is over 300k pounds if you can make your 172 Skyhawk 300k go for it.

Route - KPSP > T&G at KONT > Land at KLAX.

Aircraft - Any Heavies (747, A380 etc)

Callsign - IFSQF###

IFSQF is an new Group made by @calocat and me which will have many Group flights, Events, Competitions, Etc. PM Me or Lewis for more info.

If you would like to join IFSQF visit this link https://forms.typeform.io/to/p9VGaZPfr5


I would have joined in but TS1 is just about my equivalent to hell

May join in can I have more info? Such as can we use any aircraft?

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Please remove the Discord link at your earliest convenience and I will be glad to re-open :)

Any heavy aircraft (747 or A380)

And contact @bookers4eva for info

I will be there; can you please put me at a gate?

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Yes. You can have Gate 4 at KPSP

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Time for to Spawn in!


Can I come I am N971OA

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Yep. Spawn in Gate 5 and copy IFSQF02 FPL.

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im in gate six (post must be 20 characters)

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Ok! Just copy my flight plan.

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Thanks to all that came! (Including the Spitfire that decided to come haha)


Thanks for everyone who attended and I hope you enjoyed the flight, if you would like to join IFSQF, fill out this form: https://forms.typeform.io/to/p9VGaZPfr5

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