[Closed] IFSIM Verbal ATC Session @ WSSS - 101900ZJUL16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: @DS2001 @Padi3_14 @Aviationluver @anon49271947 @Liftoff

Join the IFSIM Discord ATC Channel @ https://discord.gg/Rk3yHqq

We will open up frequencies at WSSS and maybe other airports in WSSS.
Unfortunately, one of our controllers @Benedict_Thompson1 is on break, so that is minus one controller.

Hope to see you all there
Keith James, CEO of IFSIM


UPDATE: The event is closed, thank you everyone for the great controlling session night. We had over 20 pilots!


If you’re a pilot, do you join the discord to hear ATC or not?

Maybe I’ll come :)


You all should go! IFSIM is great!

Just join the channel and there Will be ATC active:)


Might want to use this logo instead. It has a transparent background PNG File @_keithjames99

Mark me down as coming as long as the iOS 10 beta doesn’t brick my phone between now and tomorrow.

Charts will be provided soon.
- (Admin) Aria

How does this work? Do we as pilots just hop in to fly? What happens?

http://vateud.net/manuals/phraseology - a good reading.

May I suggest observing for the first session to get an idea of what’s going on?

ATTENTION ALL IFSIM PILOTS. Please add IFSIM To our display names to avoid confusion with the beginner pilots is free flight server. Thank you :)

  • (Admin) Aria

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Hey, thanks for the help :)

You go on the free flight server we have discord channels for gorund tower atis etc

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When is ATIS going to be available?

10 more minutes

Thanks for putting together a great event guys, a special shoutout to approach for the excellent vectors.

Just landed safely after my very first experience in IFSIM Verbal ATC. A320 Call sign New Zealand 66.
It has been absolutely amazing!
Despite my old iPhone 4s and the garbled communication, I enjoyed a few touch and go’s, a forced go around due to a runway incursion and a 360 to maintain separation from a wild incoming no-name. Quite an intense experience to start with ;)
Thank you all for the cooperation and tolerance for my maybe improper speaking.
I hope to be part of your next session again.

Happy landings :)

It was great :)


You guys still going?