[Closed] IFSIM ATC open in SoCal

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Southern California Region

Airport: Any

Time: 1330Z to 1430Z

NOTAM: To participate in this you will need to download the Discord App and join our Discord server to communicate to ATC.

Hello IF Community,

IFSIM is currently hosting an event in the SoCal region.

To learn more about IFSIM visit our website: http://ifsimnetwork.weebly.com/

The event will take place in SoCal on the Free Flight Server. Why is it on the free flight server? So that this event and the vocal ATC services do not interfere with the IFATC controllers on advanced.

Note: To participate in this event you MUST download the Discord App.

Link to download: https://discordapp.com5

Verification Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/Rk3yHqq


I’m controling! Here’s who we have controlling:
Clnc Del: Me (Padi3_14)
ATIS: Me (Padi3_14)
Ground: CXY
Tower: DS2001

We dont need anymore controllers, we do need pilots! So come on down before 061430Z!

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We mostly use charts.

Don’t be scary guys and just join:)
We are really Nice guys:)


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