[Closed] IFSIAVA Inaugural Public VATC @ WSSS - 221230ZJUN16

Please take note that this event does not complement and/or replace the Opening of Changi Airport scheduled for 1 July, thanks!

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Gate: Any (would be great if you can follow real life assignments!)

Aircraft: Any

Livery: Any

Time: 1230Z


TeamSpeak 3 server: (incomplete but I decided to use this instead of Zello to accommodate those who don’t have Zello)

TeamSpeak 3 is free on the computer so it is recommended that you download it on the PC as the mobile versions aren’t free.

Have a good read of my document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3oyv3cro7zkla8f/IATCSS_WSSS_Notes%20-%20IF%20Edition.docx?dl=0

(If you wish to correct anything, refrain from replying here. Instead, PM me separately, thanks!)


Sup guys, we’re waiting in the TS3 server ;)


Can’t come bcoz I have no computer ATM:(

Alright never mind, next time :)

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My mic seems to have some problem. I called delivery but you only managed 1/5 on radio check. Subsequently i wasnt able to voice myself, i gotta sit this one out, im just sitting there )=

Ive raised my volume a good amount too so i guess its a mic problem.

Edit: Ive confirmed its a mic problem, all i hear are broken transmissions on a mic tester.

Edit 2: i managed to get some sound across the mic. im on ts again.

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Same here, even I can’t sent a message :/

I think I should wait till my account isn’t blocked anymore

I can’t make this. Please do it again sometime and tag me?

@DS2001 @Yunkeru @SingaporeAirlines @Pilot8

When would be a good time for the next PVATC?

probably over the weekend about the same time? Managed to get the mic to work this time so it shouldn’t be a problem again.

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1230Z during weekend for me is not possible though… I would be on my way home

Anytime before July 3, also, can you do it on June 24?

24 June would be hard as I will be away from 0930Z to 1430Z at least

Can you do it Tommorow?

maybe 10 Ch lmt

Tomorrow wise it has to be between 0500Z and 0830Z

Okok! I’m not busy at those time so I can attend

We have to see about the rest though

Okok! Noted

@CaptainTrapBeats is asking abt WMKK Chart on Slack

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