[ CLOSED ] IFSFG turns 3yo - Fly with us our logo @ EIDW - 142130ZDEC19

Special thanks to our official IFSFG Editor @Bruno_Latour for this anniversary “livery” ;)

Server: Casual - as we want everybody to be able to celebrate it with us

Airport: EIDW - as one of the IFSFG’s founders & owners is from Dublin

Aircraft: any A350 livery - could be your favourite or country’s livery

Time: 2019-12-14T21:30:00Z2019-12-15T13:00:00Z

Flight time: approximately 14h30min to 15hours

Fuel: full (don’t change the passengers or cargo pls)

Callsign: as IFSFG member use your IFSFG callsign - as non IFSFG pilot use please IFSFG3yo as callsign and put your name, or whatever you are used to use in the display name


3years (11th DEC) have been gone since we created our group IFSFG, and we’d like to celebrate it with the whole community !

We are inviting you to celebrate it with us in a very special anniversary event: flying our IFSFG Logo , like you see it below ;)

You can attend to the given time (spawning 15min prior departure), or you can do the flight by your own, if the time given isn’t convenient to your time zone (you’ll find below the fpl).

Please spawn at EIDW, next to me, I’ll be at Terminal 2 Gate 404C


  • keep at least 10nm spacing

  • use the following performance data for the Ascent:
    Take Off (V2) Speed: 175 kts / recommended 97% of thrust as your aircraft will be very heavy
    Initial Climb to FL050: 220kts / VS 3000 ft/min
    Climb to FL100: 220kts / VS 2300 ft/min
    Climb to FL150: 220kts / VS 2300 ft/min
    Climb to FL240: 300 kts / VS 1600 ft/min
    Mach Climb: 300kts then at 28,000ft change it to 0.82M / VS1400ft/min
    Cruising ALT: FL330
    Cruising Speed: 0.82kts (0.53M/200kts in the I F S F G route section - we recommend to be present during this time, as the aircraft might skid out of the route due to tight turns and depending on the winds), you can speed up back to 0.82M, even to 0.85M, once back out from the I F S F G route section.

  • use the following performance data for the Descent:
    Start your descent at: 165 nm to Dest
    Initial Descent to FL240: 0.85Mach/ VS 1500ft/min
    Descent to FL100: 0.82 then 250kts / VS 3000fr/min
    Descent below FL100: 240 kts / VS 1000ft(adjust it if necessary)
    Final Approach speed: 155 kts IAS

  • The fpl has been calculated so you can do it without any stop.

  • once finished, screenshot your drawing from LiveFlightApp (we also recommend to save the KML file from the LiveFlightApp, which will allow you to watch your drawing in GoogleEarth, even in time laps) and post it below.


EIDW RW10 5325N/623W 5316N/628W 5307N/619W 5300N/558W 5259N/531W 5254N/511W 5243N/452W 5230N/447W 5222N/457W 5215N/510W 5205N/530W 5156N/559W 5146N/617W 5132N/635W 5116N/643W 5105N/643W 5058N/643W 5053N/646W 5052N/653W 5053N/703W 5058N/714W 5102N/720W 5105N/727W 5105N/734W 5103N/744W 5101N/759W 5058N/812W 5055N/822W 5050N/829W 5044N/831W 5037N/831W 5030N/826W 5028N/816W 5028N/802W 5031N/748W 5031N/737W 5029N/728W 5025N/723W 5019N/710W 5009N/658W 5007N/641W 5010N/619W 5011N/552W 5013N/517W 5010N/438W 5002N/406W 4953N/347W 4945N/337W 4940N/314W 4938N/249W 4932N/228W 4920N/219W 4858N/219W 4843N/223W 4828N/237W 4819N/249W 4804N/255W 4747N/259W 4734N/316W 4726N/324W 4723N/338W 4723N/353W 4730N/410W 4747N/426W 4808N/444W 4823N/456W 4832N/516W 4849N/532W 4857N/551W 4900N/612W 4908N/627W 4917N/637W 4931N/634W 4944N/633W 4953N/635W 4958N/644W 4958N/653W 4959N/707W 4959N/723W 5004N/737W 5010N/752W 5016N/807W 5019N/822W 5023N/828W 5033N/835W 5101N/838W 5130N/834W 5158N/822W 5225N/801W 5252N/726W 5320N/644W 5350N/553W 5407N/502W 5423N/411W 5430N/316W 5435N/204W 5434N/101W 5429N/20E 5416N/128E 5409N/159E 5404N/216E 5358N/220E 5352N/217E 5347N/207E 5347N/154E 5348N/138E 5352N/123E 5354N/103E 5350N/34E 5332N/22W 5323N/35W 5316N/37W 5313N/29W 5313N/16W 5319N/07W 5326N/09E 5333N/23E 5338N/37E 5340N/51E 5338N/101E 5333N/105E 5327N/108E 5320N/108E 5318N/100E 5316N/47E 5316N/30E 5315N/16E 5305N/14W 5257N/29W 5252N/35W 5246N/46W 5244N/53W 5240N/104W 5236N/114W 5231N/123W 5225N/128W 5217N/128W 5213N/123W 5208N/113W 5207N/101W 5208N/48W 5213N/36W 5220N/26W 5226N/20W 5233N/14W 5240N/08W 5248N/14E 5249N/23E 5249N/30E 5247N/36E 5245N/39E 5242N/41E 5238N/44E 5235N/48E 5232N/55E 5232N/104E 5235N/109E 5238N/111E 5242N/110E 5246N/105E 5248N/101E 5250N/58E 5253N/58E 5254N/101E 5255N/107E 5254N/111E 5253N/116E 5249N/124E 5246N/129E 5241N/135E 5238N/144E 5238N/155E 5238N/208E 5238N/220E 5238N/229E 5237N/235E 5233N/237E 5228N/237E 5225N/235E 5222N/229E 5220N/220E 5220N/203E 5219N/138E 5219N/109E 5218N/55E 5220N/44E 5224N/34E 5226N/26E 5226N/19E 5225N/11E 5214N/10W 5206N/26W 5156N/46W 5147N/57W 5135N/107W 5122N/111W 5106N/108W 5058N/106W 5050N/59W 5047N/47W 5044N/33W 5041N/16W 5040N/23E 5040N/43E 5040N/101E 5039N/112E 5036N/123E 5031N/133E 5025N/140E 5018N/141E 5012N/144E 5006N/150E 5002N/159E 4958N/210E 4954N/219E 4948N/223E 4940N/222E 4931N/220E 4921N/220E 4911N/222E 4901N/229E 4853N/238E 4846N/246E 4842N/255E 4838N/307E 4839N/325E 4844N/338E 4852N/354E 4904N/410E 4914N/424E 4925N/434E 4934N/434E 4941N/426E 4946N/421E 4950N/420E 4955N/425E 4959N/432E 5005N/439E 5013N/443E 5022N/442E 5032N/437E 5038N/437E 5046N/440E 5054N/446E 5102N/454E 5112N/502E 5120N/508E 5127N/508E 5131N/504E 5132N/455E 5132N/443E 5132N/429E 5131N/416E 5131N/405E 5133N/353E 5138N/344E 5144N/339E 5148N/340E 5151N/344E 5153N/351E 5153N/359E 5152N/405E 5149N/413E 5146N/420E 5141N/429E 5140N/440E 5141N/454E 5144N/507E 5146N/512E 5151N/516E 5156N/517E 5205N/514E 5215N/508E 5226N/502E 5237N/451E 5248N/441E 5313N/404E 5332N/329E 5338N/304E 5342N/236E 5343N/214E 5349N/158E 5353N/155E 5359N/159E 5404N/206E 5406N/218E 5404N/232E 5358N/252E 5353N/307E 5340N/337E 5325N/406E 5307N/433E 5244N/457E 5225N/511E 5202N/525E 5132N/534E 5056N/544E 5022N/547E 4955N/543E 4926N/528E 4856N/505E 4829N/429E 4807N/350E 4746N/300E 4726N/159E 4717N/100E 4710N/10E 4704N/35W 4659N/52W 4641N/119W 4638N/129W 4637N/140W 4635N/148W 4638N/158W 4640N/210W 4640N/232W 4638N/250W 4636N/304W 4635N/313W 4639N/322W 4641N/338W 4641N/359W 4640N/417W 4640N/426W 4638N/432W 4635N/434W 4631N/434W 4629N/431W 4628N/427W 4628N/421W 4629N/416W 4629N/410W 4627N/407W 4624N/407W 4620N/408W 4616N/411W 4607N/418W 4601N/422W 4559N/424W 4558N/427W 4556N/435W 4556N/444W 4555N/450W 4553N/453W 4550N/453W 4547N/451W 4546N/446W 4547N/433W 4548N/415W 4549N/353W 4552N/346W 4554N/344W 4557N/345W 4559N/348W 4559N/354W 4559N/401W 4559N/406W 4600N/407W 4602N/406W 4607N/402W 4613N/358W 4620N/352W 4624N/350W 4628N/347W 4631N/344W 4632N/336W 4631N/329W 4629N/323W 4626N/322W 4624N/320W 4623N/316W 4623N/311W 4623N/309W 4620N/309W 4617N/311W 4614N/313W 4613N/317W 4613N/320W 4613N/326W 4612N/332W 4609N/335W 4605N/333W 4604N/330W 4603N/326W 4601N/324W 4557N/325W 4553N/326W 4550N/327W 4549N/325W 4548N/322W 4547N/316W 4549N/310W 4552N/308W 4555N/307W 4557N/307W 4600N/307W 4602N/305W 4603N/301W 4604N/252W 4604N/243W 4604N/231W 4605N/222W 4606N/217W 4609N/216W 4612N/216W 4614N/218W 4615N/222W 4615N/229W 4615N/241W 4614N/248W 4614N/252W 4614N/255W 4615N/257W 4617N/257W 4620N/256W 4623N/253W 4626N/252W 4628N/247W 4630N/240W 4630N/232W 4631N/225W 4631N/217W 4632N/211W 4632N/208W 4631N/205W 4629N/203W 4626N/202W 4625N/202W 4622N/202W 4620N/201W 4617N/158W 4616N/152W 4616N/144W 4614N/125W 4612N/120W 4611N/116W 4609N/113W 4607N/113W 4605N/114W 4604N/116W 4602N/122W 4600N/130W 4559N/139W 4558N/146W 4558N/152W 4558N/155W 4556N/158W 4554N/158W 4552N/158W 4548N/156W 4547N/153W 4546N/147W 4546N/140W 4548N/132W 4550N/123W 4553N/114W 4557N/104W 4601N/59W 4605N/56W 4609N/55W 4613N/56W 4616N/100W 4619N/104W 4620N/111W 4622N/117W 4623N/123W 4625N/127W 4626N/127W 4628N/126W 4629N/122W 4629N/115W 4629N/106W 4630N/58W 4630N/49W 4630N/41W 4629N/37W 4627N/31W 4625N/30W 4623N/28W 4623N/25W 4622N/22W 4620N/21W 4617N/22W 4615N/23W 4614N/26W 4614N/29W 4614N/36W 4613N/40W 4611N/42W 4608N/43W 4605N/42W 4604N/39W 4603N/35W 4603N/32W 4602N/31W 4559N/32W 4557N/33W 4553N/34W 4551N/34W 4549N/32W 4548N/28W 4547N/23W 4549N/19W 4551N/18W 4554N/17W 4558N/16W 4600N/14W 4602N/11W 4604N/14E 4605N/24E 4605N/31E 4608N/35E 4611N/38E 4614N/37E 4616N/34E 4616N/29E 4615N/20E 4614N/12E 4613N/000E 4624N/000E 4628N/08E 4629N/18E 4630N/29E 4631N/40E 4632N/48E 4632N/55E 4632N/59E 4631N/102E 4630N/105E 4629N/106E 4626N/106E 4624N/106E 4622N/104E 4619N/101E 4616N/54E 4612N/49E 4608N/46E 4604N/45E 4559N/47E 4555N/50E 4551N/57E 4549N/105E 4548N/118E 4549N/132E 4550N/148E 4553N/203E 4555N/217E 4558N/230E 4559N/237E 4602N/242E 4604N/244E 4607N/244E 4609N/241E 4611N/232E 4614N/223E 4617N/214E 4617N/207E 4616N/201E 4615N/157E 4613N/156E 4611N/156E 4610N/158E 4610N/201E 4609N/204E 4607N/206E 4606N/207E 4604N/206E 4604N/204E 4603N/159E 4602N/151E 4601N/140E 4601N/126E 4600N/115E 4600N/109E 4601N/105E 4604N/105E 4606N/107E 4610N/112E 4613N/120E 4618N/129E 4621N/138E 4624N/146E 4626N/156E 4629N/205E 4630N/211E 4632N/214E 4635N/214E 4637N/211E 4638N/207E 4640N/203E 4641N/159E 4640N/153E 4637N/146E 4634N/136E 4632N/129E 4629N/122E 4627N/117E 4626N/113E 4626N/110E 4626N/108E 4629N/105E 4632N/103E 4635N/101E 4638N/57E 4640N/52E 4641N/46E 4640N/28E 4638N/09E 4636N/08W 4634N/21W 4633N/28W 4634N/31W 4637N/34W 4640N/40W 4640N/49W 4640N/58W 4640N/107W 4639N/114W 4638N/122W 4640N/126W 4643N/126W 4644N/125W 4646N/120W 4648N/113W 4652N/107W 4655N/101W 4656N/55W 4658N/51W 4700N/50W 4702N/51W 4704N/55W 4705N/59W 4706N/107W 4705N/119W 4705N/132W 4705N/149W 4707N/227W 4710N/307W 4717N/357W 4734N/507W 4805N/618W 4849N/722W 4925N/800W 4958N/817W 5028N/834W 5131N/829W 5207N/810W 5234N/746W 5258N/714W 5314N/650W EIDW

It should look like below:

How to create a fpl like this
For those would won’t be able to do this long flight and they might want to create themselves a different shorter drawing to celebrate IFSFG’s anniversary or if you just want to know about it/create something for yourself or your group/VA, you’ll need the following tutorials (thanks to the creators, excellent work in my opinion !)

  1. Sketch any Shapes/Texts on the globe and insert it to Infinite Flight
  2. Convert your Google Earth KML's into IF Flight Plans

I hope you all like this challenge and I’m looking forward to flying with you all :)

If you got any questions or need any help, please feel free to post a comment.


IFSFG co-founder / -owner & CEO
our Instagram: ifsflygroup


Wow. Just wow.

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☺️ more details will be posted soon ;)
It’s very difficult to estimate or calculate the exact duration of the flight as we will be having to fly around 200kts/0.55Mach in the letters section of the flight path and it also depends on the winds.

Hearing about 12-16 hkura approx … flight duration cant be absorbed easily bt if we talk about 5-6 hours… the it ll be ok

Second is what is the india tome of 2100z

India is 5 hours ahead of Zulu, so 02:00.

I’d say this is ambitious and a bit ridiculous, since 12-16 hours is too much… Maybe fly faster?

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Means to say 2 am

www.worldtimebuddy.com :) …the time in the description now shows your local time, if you hover on it ;) I’ll try to give the time more precisely today/ latest tomorrow morning - promised :)

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@Imyash_Sharma just hover(go with the mouse on it) or click with the mouse or a finger on the time in the event description and you’ll see your local time :)…anyway, like I’m saying in the event description, you could also do it later, if the time doesn’t fit to your time zone.

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Thanks fr telling me that i have to drag a mouse and have to click on it thanku so much… for telling

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The event starts in 3 hours, pls spawn 15min prior departure :)

you can start spawning now and copy my fpl :) I’ll pushback in 17min and then on my left one by one all others :)

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Hey Ronny. Unfortunately couldn’t make this. My apologies. Maybe next time :). Enjoy the flight.

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No worries Jack, thanks for your message :)

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Made it, what a challenge…there were very strong winds so at some turns the aircraft skidded out of the route and made some 360, during the night for ex, but at least it found its way back to the fpl every time!

Due to the winds and the 360s the whole flight lasted 19h49min !! …and my ifs shut down at the moment I wanted to take back control manually at the beginning of final :(

Thanks to those who joined this event, even partially :)

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I’ll pass it on to the CEO. Thanks