[closed]IFSFG - Takeoff & Landing Competion @ WMBT - 181500ZFEB17

MDate: 18th February 2017

Time: 15:00 UTC/GMT, ZULU

Server: Training Server

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: take-off at WMBT rwy 20 and land again at WMBT rwy 20

Aircraft: any no-restricted at the airport given and but no cessna, spitfire, decathlon and no jets ;-)

Altitude & Cruise speed: stay at airport’s area, which means max. 5 000fts and 250kts, as you will be under 10 000 fts

Wellcome to IFSFG’s 1st Takeoff & Landing Competition !
We would be glad to see your skills at WMBT while you are taking off at RWY 20 do a pattern and go back to land at the same RWY

Rules and points:

  1. spawn at the parking given bellow, as soon as you get clearance, on Zello, by the present Zello ATC, NOT BEFORE PLEASE, AS THERE ARE ONLY 4 parkings
  2. taxi/backtaxi to the rwy 20 and take off, make a pattern to land at rwy20
  3. IFSFG pilots use their IFSFG callsign / other pilots will get a provisory IFSFG callsign, to use


  1. +60 points for your take off
  2. -10 points if you role, even partially, outside the rwy while taking off
  3. +20 points for a landing centered to the runway
  4. +40 points if you touch down at the
  5. +80 points for your landing on the rwy
  6. -10 points if you role, even partially, outside the rwy while landing
  7. -50 points if you don’t follow ATC instructions
  8. -10 points if you crash (but you can try again :-)

The judge will be Ronny Martin, me ;-)

We will announce the winner, after the competition.
1st Place: the privilege to create our next big Saturday event
2nd Place the privilege to chose 14 screenshots to post on our Instagram ifsflygroup
3rd Place: the privilege to chose our facebook cover during 3 days


  1. please connect on Zello channel IFSFG at 1450UTC precisely ( if you don’t have Zello yet, please downloaded on Apple or play store ), please don’t send messages, only respond to ZELLO ATC, Zaks_Life IFSFGCOO, when he contacts you. He will tell you when to spawn in the parking and give you clearance for taxi/take off or landing…please follow any of his instructions.
  2. DON’T spawn at the parking, if our Zello ATC Zaks_Life haven’t given you clearance**
  3. after your hopefully successful landing, please taxi to parking ON THA GRASS, around the airport, not to close to the runway, and satay there till the end of the competition, take some screenshots you can share later here for exemple and you can send us too so we can publish them on our Instagram ifsflygroup.
  4. after the competition, who wants and is still available, can follow me by taking off once again (one after another, fluently) so that we are heading all together to WSSS and make some last group screenshots.
  5. Please note, if you are not on time, you’ll be put back of the queue.
  6. If you spawn in any not allowed aircraft we will remind you to change it but you would be disqualified if you don’t :)

please free free to ask me anything you need to know, you can also contact me on Facebook messenger : RONNY MARTIN

Cu at our event! Happy competition, enjoy it and have fun with us!;)

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO

Parking / In order to spawn / Pilot / Callsign:
GA01 / 1st / Carlo Jose Soto Vega/ IFSFG047 /
GA02 / 1st/ Mavric / IFSFG201 /
GA03 / 1st/ Dossym_Makhanov / IFSFG202 /
Ramp / 1st/ Mecly_Momin / IFSFG203 /

GA01 / 2nd / @MadridistaPilot / IFSFG204 /
GA02 / 2nd/ @samuel_48 / IFSFG376 /
GA03 / 2nd/ Dominic Yeates / IFSFG056 /
Ramp / 2nd/ @Fabrizzio_Giacchetti / IFSFG205 /

GA01 / 3rd / @Ziyad / IFSFGZYD / B737-800
GA02 / 3rd/ @KUMAR_KARTIK_YA / IFSFG057 /
GA03 / 3rd/ Marouane El Ouakili / IFSFG016 /
Ramp / 3rd/ @TheAviationGuy / IFSFG206 /

GA01 / 4th / Marie_Sackett_Tretia / IFSFG207 / Embraer 190
GA02 / 4th / Jules_GNINKOUN / IFSFG208 /
GA03 / 4th / Zafar Seraj/ IFSFG027 /
Ramp / 4th / @Thatguyjustice / IFSFG209 /

GA01 / 5th / @Matias_Osorio_Feito / IFSFG664 /
GA02 / 5th / Baltazary / IFSFG036 /
GA03 / 5th / @Panther / IFSFG210 /
Ramp / 5th / @MadridistaPilot / IFSFG211/

GA01 / 6th / @FLaviation19 / IFSFG-19/
GA02 / 6th / / /
GA03 / 6th / / /
Ramp / 6th / Zaks_Life / IFSFGCOO /


a little recommandation, practice before the event ;-)

Cu you on saturday!

//Ronny Martin - IFSFG CEO aka Captain Ronny



I might come who gonna be the judge ?


Hello… I want to join… GA04/ 1st/ Captain Mecly/ callsign: Malaysian 203 heavy

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Add me please too…

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The word is “privilege”

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I am not the event creator…

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Hey Mavric cool, tell me when sure to assign you a parking.
I’m gonna be the judge.

naturally, thanks for seeing it and telling me ;-)

I’m a little confused by this, does this mean Max B737/A321?

Or does this mean you can only use a Cessna type aircraft?

Hello I’d like to join the event
Gate: GA02/ 2nd
Callsign: QFA0376

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Hey Adam,

I admet it wasn’t clear enough, I’ve changed it:-)
It means any aircraft you can spawn at this airport(if you chose a 747, IFS will tell you that the aircraft is too big for this airport) excluded cessnas, spitfire and jets
I hope It’s clear for you now!?;-)

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Welcome too then Samuel!

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Guys, you can give me your callsign, I’ll try my best to turn it as an IFSFG callsign. Everyone has to use and IFSFG CALLSIGN, so that I can track you while the event.
Thanks in advance.

I just want to ask that it is for online gameplay of infinite flight

Plz reply me fast hope you will reply fast

Yes you need live or live+ to join

So please can you add me to live for free please please pleaseeeeeee

That’s not possible
You need a subscription
Have a look at www.infinite-flight.com

Sighs me up I’m ready to fly

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Lol it’s on Saturday , stay ready :-)