[closed] IFSFG spontaneous A320 Event @ EGLL - 271930ZAPR17

Server: Expert

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1930Z

Aircraft: any A320 except united

Welcome to this spontaneous IFSFG Event.

Please check in and I’ll assign you a gate.

We will take off at EGLL(London Heathrow) and do some touch and go. Where? Surprise, just follow me without a flp, and try not to crash. :-)

Follow any ATC instruction if available otherwise use Unicom.

Please pushback, taxi and do touch and goes by respecting rules.

Hope to see cu all there!

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO
//Zakariya - IFSFG COO

I wonder why ;)

Also, cool idea. Don’t have live so can’t go :(

Maybe make an IFSFG event thread instead of making a new thread almost daily. Just a thought since not many people join here (more on fb), so whoever is interested in joining goes to that thread! ;)

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hello, well I can tell you:) …because United is banned from our group IFSFG !;)

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guys the event has been changed to london and 30min later, sorry, i hope you don’t mind.

Exactly why? Like is it just United or other airlines as well

we banned only united, because of their behaviour to passengers

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I honestly think banning united is not cool. Just because they miss treat there passenger from time to time Of course I think that is unacceptable it shouldn’t be banned. Just stating my opinion but it’s a bit weird of banning their livery because of there real state in the world.

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I’m coming in my UA A320 danke.


Thank you for your opinion which we accept of course:-)

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Im going to say the same thing ever, sounds a good event :)

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It was really good I was flying like a fly and the other pilots were following me and the region was busy you can imagine 😂😂😂
Have a look at our big one tomorrow a 9hours KLM event you can start when you want from 1400Z on;-)

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