[Closed] IFSFG invites all CARGOS to SoCal @ KLAX - 221400ZJUL17

Server: Expert

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1400Z

Cruising Altitude/Speed: FL270/320kts

Welcome to IFSFG Events!

This time we want to get as many Cargos as possible and fly from KLAX to to KPSP through the Californian Skies :-)

NOTAM: Spawn at your assigned Gate 10min before start! Copy the flp from IFSFGCEO . Be respectful to everyone and follow all ATC instructions when available, otherwise use Unicom correctly. Be professionnal! Let bigger aircrafts take off and land first. Follow the flp and keep a distance of 3-5nm in particular space enough for landing

Enjoy your flight and take best screenshots and share them here. We would repost the 5 best in our IFSFG Instagram :-) (only screenshots in HD and without visible airport-/aircraft names or settings could be chosen/reposted).

Leave a comment below that you will attend and I’ll assign you a gate:-)

Looking forward to cu all there!

@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO
IFSFG Instagram

If you tell me which Cargo you fly I could assign you the correct gate to your airline ;-)

CARGO Air New Zealand @wooden3D
CARGO Air Canada 02 Ronny Martin / IFSFGCEO
CARGO Swissair 01 Nayeem Ahmed
CARGO Korean Airlines 01 Omar Farooq
CARGO Japan Airlines 02 Ankit Wadhwani
CARGO FedEx 03 Levi Doek
CARGO Lufthansa 02 Lee Jones
CARGO Lufthansa 01 Dan Nutter
CARGO FedEx 04 @Marie_Sackett_
CARGO China Airlines @xxOxx
CARGO Delta 02 @Pandastic
CARGO Delta 01 @Jay757
CARGO Air Canada 02 @Kizzyjet
CARGO DHL 01 @Massimo_Perrotta
CARGO DHL 03 Christian John Pascual
CARGO Philippine Airlines @Imran

Ill be there tomorrow in a Nippon 747 Cargo, what could you give me for a gate?

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Take Cargo Air New Zealand please :-)

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I will be their can I use the FedEx 777

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Welcome again Marie! Thanks for joining!
CARGO FedEx 04 for you ;-)

Ugh I would join but it HAD to be on expert server

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Sorry @Stmaarten1778 we also need to do some events on expert server. What’s your grade?..what do you need to get grade 3?;-)

Grade 2 I think halfway on XP and a little bit more flight time and/or landings

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You got some hours till event start go go go 😂😂😂

777-200F Emirates Livery

Callsign: NED2390

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Nice Imran! CARGO Swisssair 01 gate for you in your Emirates ;-) please use your IFSFG CALLSIGN ;)

What’s the eastern time zone US for this event @RonnyMartin

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Just noticed that it’s 14:00 Zulu so for me it is 11:30pm. So sadly I won’t be able to attend…

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10:00am EDT(NYC) time Erwin ;-)

In case you are not sleepy we would happy if you join again one of our events :-)

I will be there , can you give me a gate , China cargo 777.thank you

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Sign me a gate. Thanks!

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Hello and welcome! Sure spawn at CARGO China Airlines please :)

Hey Pandastic welcome
Again :)
Which airline/aircraft will you be flying please?