[Closed] IFSFG for BARCELONA @ EHAM - 172000ZAUG17

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 20:00UTC
*Parking: any


We will spawn in less than 1 hour at EHAM, to show our support for BARCELONA which has been today the newest VICTIM of the terrorism.

Please just spawn at any gate you want, in any SPANISH livery like IBERIA, SPANAIR, AIR EUROPA…(tell me if there are others and I’ll add them). You could also use any GENERIC livery:)

I’ll make a flightplan 15min before start. Just pushback and taxi respectively behind me and fly with me a round in the Amsterdam region!

NOTAM: FL310/310kts VS not more than 2500fpm

Thanks to all for joining this event and show our love to the victims and their relatives as to the City of BARCELONA!




I might be able to join, I live in Barcelona but I am currently out in Poland really shocked what happend to such a safe city. RIP all victims and condolences.


Would be nice:) thanks for your message
I’ll spawn now to make the flp
Start in 16min

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You are missing vueling

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I was ATC at EHAM and I have to say, what a turnout! So happy that many wanted to pay their condolences to the terrorist attack in Barcelona, well done Ronny!


Yes indeed thanks and sorry for the late answer I can’t login to IFC on my PC :(

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I saw you there :) thanks for spontaneous ATC work
It was lagging :/

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Sometimes lagging is a good thing, cause it just goes to show how good of an event it is!

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Well Amsterdam region was empty before we started hahahaha
I prefer crowded and no lagging :-)

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Ill be there sometime we should organize a charity flight event to help the family’s that have suffered from the acts of terrorism if ye could give me feedback is it a good idea or not ?

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A good idea indeed but I wouldn’t know how …!?

Yeah that’s the problem :/

Thanks to all who attended spontaneously this event!
Here are some screenshots
Cu soon


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