[Closed] IFSFG Event - Korean Air in SoCal @ KSAN - 231230ZAPR17

Server: Expert

Region: South California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1230Z

Aircraft: any Korean Air

Cruising Altitude: 30000ft

VS: 2400ft/m

Speed/Cruising speed: 220 till FL100, then 250kts, then Cruisingspeed 300kts/0.84M

Leading Aircraft: Ronny IFSFGCEO



Hello Everybody,

Let’s take off at KSAN to fly to KLAX in a some different, not the shorter, route!

Please check your assigned gates/parkings before the event.

Spawn 10min before start and copy the flight-plan from IFSFGCEO.

Pushback after the leading aircraft has pushed back and follow the leading aircraft, properly, without taxiing through grass or through other aircrafts

5nm spacing!!!

Start your descending at 90nm from the airport to land, KLAX. Start spacing for landing at at least 40-50nm from the airport.

Find together on the parking for final screenshots please.

Cu all there !:)

//@RonnyMartin - CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER
Instagram: ifsflygroup

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He made 2 other topics for events on 21st and 22nd. Although I think the date of these events are way too close with each other.


Sorry @RonnyMartin for misreading your topics.

I took off the flags

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It’s incredible how many people spending their time criticise events or people in the community instead of flying or creating themselves events. We (@IFSFG ) don’t need to post our events here, we do it to give also other pilots than our ifsfg members the possibility to be part of it. As you may know our world has many different time zones. So if an event starts at lunch time in London it’s too early in LA and to late in Australia. nobody force you to be part at our events. :-)
Anyway thank you for taking pressure time to comment them, apparently they aren’t that bad if you do that ;-)



Can I take a gate please

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May I take a gate please!


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May i fly with you ?

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Well said Ronny… 😉

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Yes of course I’ll assign the gates tomorrow!;)

Of course, what a question :)

So if I understand well you want to participate in both events Saturday and Sunday?

Sorry let me hold on here and try and figure this out…why do you have three events for exactly the same thing? Also great ideas for events :)


Thanks for asking :)
Because I’ve made a survey and there are people want to participate at these dates…so many different time zone pilots will be able to participate. I/we( @IFSFG ) don’t usually do it like that, it’s the first time, it’s a kind of test too ;-)

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01 Anshul Bolar (IFFG)
02 @Sudhanva_Ganesh
03 @Mecly_Momin
04 Ziyad Al-Haq
05 @Kizzyjet
06 Ronny Martin
07 Stefan Engelhart
08 @John_Ryan
09 @Paulo_Gouveia
10 @ROD_Zilla
11 Omar Farooq
12 Julien Rl
13 @samuel_48 Samuel Aseem Ali
14 @Emarati_AD

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The event has changed to expert server, please check if you still can participate regarding to your grade. I’m sorry for changing it.

Ok ! Hope your event gonna be good i saw all your work ! :)

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Dang I hate timezones. Nice event. Give me gate 05


Thank you, @Isolt_Ilvermorny nice;-)…

When this event will start? Can I get a gate

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Please sign me at gate 04

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