[Closed] IFSFG Event - Korean Air in SoCal @ KSAN - 220900ZAPR17

Totally agree except the thing about duplicate messag ! :)

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@RonnyMartin When is this taking palce?

Saturday at 9:00 Zulu time. 10 am BST as I can se you are from london

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I’ll be there!



How do you sign up

For this event I am new with all of this

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What do you mean “how you sign”?

Here is "how to create an event"

He wants to come at your event. :)


Oh now I see how to sign in for the event:)
Well you are in:)
Just need to tell “I’m coming” if nothing else isn’t request. Sometimes the callsign, aircraft typebetc can be request, sobyou give them if it’s the case:)

Thanks Adrien :)…haha stupid me ;-)

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01 jules Gninkoun
02 Dan Nutter
03 Darren Coote
04 KarloAngelo Coquia
05 @Paulo_Gouveia
06 Ronny Martin
07 @Parker_Ericson
08 @Binesh_Ashokan
09 Milen Jacob
10 Stefan Engelhart
11 Julien Ri
12 Stuart Kennedy
13 Zafar
14 James Browne

I like your style of events man. I wish I could come haha.


Why are you so mean to this guy he is trying

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I’m glad to hear that! It won’t be the last one don’t worry, you surely be able to join us at another one!

Sign me up pls…

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From now if anyone wanna join us please spawn at one of the free parkings and join us :) have a nice fight and please wait on the parking after landing for everybody to be there for a last screenshot, thanks!:)

I feel I need to apologise for saying no one would come to three events, I was wrong.


Join us if you want, parking 17would be free, 15,16 are already taken too

Can’t come, sorry 😐😐😐😐

There is one tomorrow at 1230Z

Can’t do that either 😐