[Closed] IFSFG Event - Korean Air in SoCal @ KSAN - 220900ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: South California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 0900Z

Aircraft: any Korean Air

Cruising Altitude: 30000ft

Cruising speed: 300kts/0.84M

Leading Aircraft: Ronny IFSFGCEO



Hello Everybody,

Let’s take off at KSAN to fly to KLAX in a some different, not the shorter, route!

Please check your assigned gates/parkings before the event.

Spawn 10min before start and copy the flight-plan from IFSFGCEO.

Pushback after the leading aircraft has pushed back and follow the leading aircraft, properly, without taxiing through grass or through other aircrafts, like if you were on expert

Start your descending at 90nm from the airport to land, KLAX. Start spacing for landing at at least 40-50nm from the airport.

Find together on the parking for final screenshots please.

Cu all there !:)

//@RonnyMartin - CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER
Instagram: ifsflygroup


Can you stop posting the same event over and over again? It’s pathetic.


Except the thing that you post duplicated messages i wish you a very nice event and a good fly to every pilots !


I doubt you will even get 1 pilot coming to any of them. Why don’t you just do one good event?


True dat.

Example of a good event :p


Please everyone, don’t be so hard at him as he has done his best to organize this event alongside the ones in the past. We should respect his time and effort at least. 😊

Even though, I would suggest you to give some “spacing” between each events in the future so it would attract more pilots to come to your event. Trust me, it would be alot better than organizing the same event 3 days straight. 😉


We respect his even et but the thing is that he busying the forum with the same topic ! Hope the event gonna be good your effort is considerable !

Swiss Virtual


Thank you all for taking the time and comment this event. Thank you also for your suggestions and for being concerned that nobody would participate :-) the last time IFC members told me that, about 30pilots participated at our event 😂😂😂
It’s the first time that @IFSFG offers the possibility to participate in our event on 3 different days, everyday at a different time, due to a survey. It is everyone’s choice to be part of our events or not. It is our right to create events and do them in our way, please accept it. You have of course the fully right to appreciate them or not ;-)
Thank you also for pointing out that creating an event needs some effords, indeed, it takes some time from the initial idea, doing researches, eventually test flights etc till the final lay out.

I hope to see some of you at one of our events;-)


Ps: remember, you all - depending on your trust level - have also the right to create events ;-)


Totally agree except the thing about duplicate messag ! :)

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@RonnyMartin When is this taking palce?

Saturday at 9:00 Zulu time. 10 am BST as I can se you are from london

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I’ll be there!



How do you sign up

For this event I am new with all of this

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What do you mean “how you sign”?

Here is “how to create an event”

He wants to come at your event. :)


Oh now I see how to sign in for the event:)
Well you are in:)
Just need to tell “I’m coming” if nothing else isn’t request. Sometimes the callsign, aircraft typebetc can be request, sobyou give them if it’s the case:)

Thanks Adrien :)…haha stupid me ;-)

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01 jules Gninkoun
02 Dan Nutter
03 Darren Coote
04 KarloAngelo Coquia
05 @Paulo_Gouveia
06 Ronny Martin
07 @Parker_Ericson
08 @Binesh_Ashokan
09 Milen Jacob
10 Stefan Engelhart
11 Julien Ri
12 Stuart Kennedy
13 Zafar
14 James Browne

I like your style of events man. I wish I could come haha.


Why are you so mean to this guy he is trying

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