[Closed] IFSFG Event - Korean Air in SoCal @ KSAN - 211630ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: South California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1630Z

Aircraft: any Korean Air

Cruising Altitude: 30000ft

Cruising speed: 300kts/0.84M

Leading Aircraft: Ronny IFSFGCEO



Hello Everybody,

Let’s take off at KSAN to fly to KLAX in a some different, not the shorter, route!

Please check your assigned gates/parkings before the event.

Spawn 10min before start and copy the flight-plan from IFSFGCEO.

Pushback after the leading aircraft has pushed back and follow the leading aircraft, properly, without taxiing through grass or through other aircrafts, like if you were on expert

Start your descending at 90nm from the airport to land, KLAX. Start spacing for landing at at least 40-50nm from the airport.

Find together on the parking for final screenshots please.

Cu all there !:)

//@RonnyMartin - CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER
Instagram: ifsflygroup

is dis 17:30 gmt ?? or is it 17:30 pst

It’s 1730BST(London) 1630ZULU,GMT,UTC, 0330PST, 2130IST
you can also check it here: www.worldtimebuddy.com (there is an app too)


01 @MadridistaPilot
02 Omar Farooq
03 Utkarsh Chamadia
04 Stefan Engelhart
05 Dean Nutter
06 Ronny Martin
07 Jules Gninkoun
08 @Dossym_Makhanov
09 Ar Valencia
10 Zafar
11 Milen
12 Kumar


I’ll be there before the Friday night flight can I have a gate plz :)

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Cool! Have a look at your gate
Nice to fly with us again:)

I would like to join. Can you assign me a gate please?

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Add me please too…

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Il spawn now and make the flight plan
Won’t be able to talk to you here during event
Please follow instructions
If you are not on the list and you wanna join please do it take a free parking next to the others
Have a nice flight:-)

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Thanks for coming and your screenshots i hope you’ve enjoyed it!:)

Thanks all for coming it was nice
This is how looks like an event where “nobody participates” lol ;-)


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