[CLOSED] IFSFG Europe Tour(do the whole or partially) @ EIDW - 021445ZJUN18

Server: Casual -changed it so everybody can join :)

Airport: EIDW

Time: 1445Z

Aircraft: any(it’s really your choice)

Livery: any European

Gates: next to IFSFGCEO(121L/Terminal 1)


Dear Infinite Flight Fellows,

It’s been a while that IFSFG hasn’t organised a big event, so the time has come :)

We want this event to be:

  • simple
  • professional
  • fun

Please spawn 15min before start, next to me(IFSFGCEO / Gate 121L T1 at EIDW) and copy my fpl(a very simple one as we‘d like you not to use NAV all the time and to do the approaches manually).

We will take off in Dublin and will be heading to London and land there, taxi to the Gates, refuel and pushback again etc… Doing this gives you the possibility to do all the tour or just spawn and fly a part of it.


  • be always professional (Expert Server Rules as always)
  • keep safe distance to the aircraft front of you at any time

I thhink you got it, we don’t want to give too many rules and details, we consider you as good and professional pilots.

please feel free to ask any questions, before starting the tour;)

Cu all in the tour!:)

//@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO(IFSFGCEO)
cover by @Anshul28 (IFSFG075)


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I am in the HOP aircraft.

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First screenshots…:)


That’s me next to air France

Lets fly. Come on guys.

Do we touch and goes in the airports

we land everywhere, go to the gates, refuel, then pushback again ;)

thank you guys for joining, enjoy the tour ;)

Owh thank yo so much

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guys, even on Casual, please be professional :) like if you were on expert…it’s not a race…if you took off behind aircraft x, stay behind it till landing ;)…observe the aircraft in front of you as about the altitude and the speed …also about its route.
thanks in advance :)

I will fly continuously

for your information I’m cruising at FL200/300kts ;) /IFSFGCEO

Whats your plane???.

I will fly directly to Athens.


Me also yay!!!

oh…it’s your choice ;)…thanks for joining anyway

Who is gnna do all airports

I am the behind aircraft of @RonnyMartin

But i have a question i think runway 25 L&R and 24L&R are the active ones in egll will we go around

I will do all of them :)