[Closed] IFSFG at Chicago with Special Guest United Virtual @ KORD - 151430ZJUL17

Server: Training

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD Chicago O’hare Intl.

Time: 1430Z/UTC

Date: 15th July

[ IFSFG ] ( https://m.facebook.com/groups/1630163327285061 ) welcomes you all to our Saturday’s Event and
welcomes our Special Guest [ United Virtual ] ( https://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar ) with its CEO @mattrich & CCO @CaptainDoomBox !

We will be flying out of KORD in one of the many United aircrafts available.

1) chose one of the aircraft available below (every aircraft needs to be chosen at least once so it can be chosen a second time by another pilot!)

2) once you confirm to attend, I’ll assign you a gate

3) chose a route to fly from KORD from 4available:
KORD-KOBQ, do a t&g then fly back to KORD
KORD-KMLI, do a t&g then fly back to KORD
KORD-KPIA, do a t&g then fly back to KORD
KORD-KCMI, do a t&g then fly back to KORD
(Pay attention at the route you chose, depending at the size of your aircraft)

4) when you fly back you’ll be guided from the Approach ATC

Please follow all IFS Rules and ATC instructions like you were on expert server !!! :)
Pushback/taxi and take off only when you got clearance!
Don’t taxi through grass or other aircrafts!

Ground/Tower ATC at KORD: me 😁 Ronny Martin / IFSFGCEO
Approach ATC: Nayeem / N4Y33M

Hope to see you all there !:)

//Ronny Martin - [ IFSFG ] ( https://m.facebook.com/groups/1630163327285061 ) CEO

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I am very proud to say that [United Virtual] (https://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar) as a whole can barely wait to fly our flag at this wonderful upcoming event!


Which Aircraft will you be flying?

Gate F11 A320 @Jack.spowage / KORD-KPIA-KORD / JJFLY568
Gate G06B A320 Karlo Coquia / KORD-KPIA-KORD / IFSFG041
Gate F17 B737-800 @Edgar_Catzin / KORD-KPIA-KORD / United 45 67
Gate F21 B737-900
Gate F16 B747-400 @Samuel_Boakye / KORD-KCMI-KORD / United 1 Heavy
Gate F25 B757-200 Pandastic / KORD-KPIA-KORD /
Gate F22 B767-300 @Livmap / KORD-KOBQ-KORD /
Gate F20 B777-200ER @JetBlue735 /
Gate F28 B777-200ER @Temidayo_Ekundayo / KORD-KPIA-KORD / United75 Heavy
Gate E09 B787-10 @Fittsy10 / KORD-KCMI-KORD /
Gate E15 B787-10 @Abdulgadir_Abdi / KORD-KPIA-KORD / N285PY
Gate F04 B787-9 @Eskil_Granberg
Gate F01 CRJ-200 mwe2187 / KORD-KPIA-KORD / MWE2187
Gate G02A ERJ-170 Kyle.Plane /KORD-KCMI-KOR / United 0203
Gate G04 Dash 8-Q400 @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler / KORD-KMLI-KORD


I will be there in a 777-200ER

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I will be there . I will be in 747-400

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Will try to make it, will confirm on Friday

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Thanks :) which route?

Thanks :) which is the route you’d like to fly?

Thanks nice tell me as soon as you know pls

I’m in, can I take the CRJ-200 on united express? Only have live, not live+ till after this expires :/

Callsign: MWE2187

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I will take KORD-KCMI, do a t&g then fly back to KORD

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My call sign will be United 1 Super

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as “Super” is reserved to the A380, I wouldn’t recommend you to use “Heavy” instead :-)
Parking F16 for you:)

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Yes of course!
Which route will you be flying pls?

I’ll go with KPIA, thanks!

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I’ll take Dash-8 KORD- KMLI

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I Will be there in B787-9

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Nice and which would be the route you’d like to fly pls?:)

Ok I will use United 1 Heavy as call sign

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Where is everyone?? Are you guys still doing this