[Closed] IFSFG at AirShow-Le Bourget 06:30-16:00UTC @ LFPB - 240630ZJUN17

Server: Casual

Region: Paris

Airport: Le Bourget (Paris)

Time: 0630-1600Z during the opening hours of the AirShow Le Bourget

Welcome to our AirShow
Once a year Paris is celebrating the world’s biggest AirShow at Le Bourget one of the first Parisian airports, where there had been many historical moments!

Like in real world, we invite every single air company (Airbus, Boeing,…) to be part of this airshow!
We are also inviting all VAs and their pilots and all other pilots to be part of this amazing AirShow.

So if you wanna write history in Infinite Flight, show up tomorrow, whether as exhibitor or to make some Aerobatics :-)

NOTAM: spawn at Gates 01-07 if you wanna do Aerobatics or spawn anywhere else if you just want to be exhibitor or visitor **dont spawn at FBO UniJet ** IFSFGCEO Ronny Martin will be there to spot the event ;-)

so tell below in a comment you wanna be part and what you’ll be doing and so on!

I’m looking forward to see you there tomorrow!

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO

Airport Charts:

Boeing 787-10

Gate 01
A380 demonstration

Gate 01-07
Mags Rear Admiral USCG0003
multiple low passes
Exhibitor C17

Gate 01
F16 demonstration

Gate 01+02
P38 Heritage + F16 demonstration

*Gate 01-07
Andrew M Sneed Gen IFAE AF (Retired)
IFAE AIr Forces demo team to see:
C017, FA22/16 and A10

Gate 02
Ewan Elliot
Flypast in a F14


747-800 Boeing Livery

Flypast to close the AirShow (anyone can join)
from any Gate

  • Morgan & Brother
  • Ronny Martin

So this event is 10 hours long? Am I missing something?

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9,5hours precisely as long as the opening hours of the AirShow in Real life in LE BOURGET ;-)
So no you don’t miss anything ;-)

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I will represent USCG VA in a C130J. I’ll do my best to be online sometime around 1200-1300Z.

You can expect me to throw the airframe around a fair bit with multiple low level passes, I will spawn in gate07 if that pleases you?

Thanks for setting up such a great event!

Rear Admiral - USCG0003
Chief Training & Operations Officer

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@RonnyMartin… No offense but,what are: “AeroCroatics” is it similar to “Aerobatics”?


I’ll fly an a380 air france if that’s ok.

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Thank you very much for joining and your nice words!
The gate is yours sure !;-)
Cu there with all your va fellows :-)

Don’t worry it’s actually aerobatics I kinda changed the word but as it comes to confusion I edited it in aerobatics ;-) thanks for your comment
Will you be joining us?:)

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Everything you want
Very nice choice ! Will it be the a380+ ???..:) kidding;)

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Will try to get an IFAE AIr Forces demo team together. Expect C017, FA22/16 and A10. Will let you know the outcome.


Andrew M Sneed Gen IFAE AF (Retired)

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Hi, ronny I may be able to come or not!

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Cool that would be nice
Thanks in advance!:)

I know you are on holidays so if you are available to show up it would be more than fine, don’t worry ;-)

if I do come ill do a display in the boeing 747-8 boeing livery

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Could I do a f16 display too?

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Of course what ever you want you got 9,5hours 😂😂😂

Ok.my A380 will start at 1100z, f16 at 1400z.

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Fine I’ll make a time table later so everyone knows the programming:)

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@morgan99 has the idea to make a flypast at the end, who would like to join? Very nice idea Morgan !:)

At 1500z me and my brother could do a spitfire/p38 heritage flight display if that’s ok.

Edit: now the heritage flight will be a p38 and f16.

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