[Closed] IFSFG 1400-2300ZULU KLM Event & Special Guest AirFrance VA @ EHAM - 291400ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1400Z-2300Z (Amsterdam/Paris Time: 16:00-01:00 / London Time: 15:00-00:00BST)

Callsign: AirFranceVA Members use their AF callsign, IFSFG Members use their callsign
All others use KLM…(If you are in AFVA and IFSFG chose one of your callsigns.
Additionally, use heavy for B747 and Super for A380

The AirFrance VA CEO @Camr allows exceptionally to count any KLM flight during this event, and get credit by posting it as usual on flight-log in the AFVA’s slack! Thank you Cameron;-)

Dear Pilot Fellows,

For this IFSFG Saturday’s Event, I’d like to honour KLM, as I made a particular good experience by flying twice with this airline in two days.
I also would like to honour and welcome the AirFrance VA, which is special Guest at the Event.

So what is it about? Easy!:-)

We got 6 routes, 18 aircrafts, 3 different liveries (KLM, AirFrance, Skyteam).

1) Chose your route to fly

2) chose one of the aircrafts and its livery, available for the chosen route

3) spawn at the one of the gates depending on the aircraft you have chosen

4) taxi to the specific runway, take off, fly to the chosen destination

5) land at the airport of your destination, taxi to the parking, have some rest (it’s up to you how much time) and then fly back to Amsterdam/EHAM SCHIPHOL Airport.

6) continue with the same aircraft and fly the same route, or another route with the same aircraft (if aible) or change route/aircraft–>back to 1)

Do it as long as you want, and everytime you start a round trip, check it in in the form below !

On Sunday, ill count all flights of all pilots to see who did the most flights!

Let us fill the Amsterdam Region with KLM/AirFrance aircrafts. :-)

You’ll find more information about Terminals, Routes, Aircrafts, etc below on the screenshots.

If you have any question or something is unclear, feel free to ask me (not 1 min before event start please ;-) )!

I hope you’ll all be able to attend and enjoy your flights!

//Ronny - @IFSFG CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - IFSFG COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER
Instagram: ifsflygroup



I would attend if I could. But man I love the details you put into the events. Keep it coming man :)


Thank you :-)
Is it about the time you can’t attend ?

RoonMartin i love your events cause we van saw all the thing and work that you put in ! good job have a nice event

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Thank you very much, that’s nice to hear.
Will you be able to attend?

Yes normally, so can i have a gate please im with a 777 air france

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You can chose you gate and write it down here and the time you would start so the other pilot can see it

D44 ( terminal 4 777)

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Please précise which 777 what livery ?;-)

777 KLM ! Sorry :) @RonnyMartin

It looks very well managed event. I’ d like to join it, in B787-10 in KLM livery :)

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thank you very much…I may have a little surprise for the event ;)…not sure… which gate and route please?

I’ d like to fly more than one route, if thats possible? but I wll fly EHAM - EDDK, gate D54

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…I hope so you’ll fly more than one, you can fly all of them and all aircrafts which means 36flights hahahaha :) …have a look at the description once again please :) and thanks for you answer

Gate: E22
Aircraft: Boeing 747-406(KLM Royal Dutch Airlines// new livery )
Route: Schipol Amsterdam, NL (EHAM/AMS) to Cologne/Bonn, DE (EDDK/CGN)

I would like to attend this interesting event

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nice thank you! i’ll post later something so you can check in easily ;)…surprise surprise

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Here it is, I thought I could make easier the check in of your flights;-)

Please use the following form to check in your flights. You can start with the first one then on Saturday you check in the others or when you finish the first etc. If you have any question ask me ;-)

The pilots have already let a comment to check in please use the form to check in your flight, thank you in advance!


Here are the booked flights so far! :)

Would be nice to attend, but not shure if I can…
Just tried to reach out to 18L/36R from Terminal B for a TestFlight to EHEH.
Real long taxi…
Has Eindhoven civil aviation anyway? Not shure…

EHAM procedures by Jeppesen via uavairlines.com

Found the answer: EHEH chartset by navigrav via ottomanva.com has civil apron to the east end of the runway.


ottomanva.com is awesome, got all charts for almost all airports I’ve searched.

ground control to Major Tom ;)

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