[Closed] IFPM Arnold Palmer Memorial Flight @ KTPA - 232000ZOCT16

Server: Expert

Region: South Florida

Airport: KTPA

Time: TBD

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X (if you don’t have this come in the A318)

NOTAM: What is up forum users!! IFPM back with our newest addition to our weekly events. It has been decided in IFPM slack and via private messages that many participates would like to have just a nice relaxing flight that does not involve many rules 😉. So without further ado, I am introducing the first in our Real Flight Events. They it’ll happen every two “entertaining and creative” events. This way, if you do not like having to remember lots of rules and such, you are more than welcome to join us on our every third event which will just be a relaxing flight. I hope this is met with enthusiasm as it has been highly requested :).

I’m not sure how many are aware, but golf legend Arnold Palmer sadly passed away September 25th. Many may also ask what a golf legend has to do with aviation.
That link will help make more sense then I ever could. Basically, he was a huge aviation enthusiast. He owned his own CCX and flew it often.

Event will begin in KTPA with the selected gates below, the flight will be Arnold Palmer’s final flight, which he completed in the CCX down the coast of Florida before landing in Orlando (or in our case Miami since we don’t have Orlando). We will be tracing his final flight he ever made, and arriving in Miami International. Below is the flight plan we will be using.

Here’s a little word from Arnold himself on aviation:

“I approve this message…simply because it’s true” my new favorite quote of the week.
Thanks to @Flightfan84 for the amazing idea for an event.

If you are interested in participating, just put yourself below and I’ll make sure to add you on this memorial flight in honor of one of the greatest golf and aviation legends.

SPAWN at said airport. Upon takeoff cruising altitude is 25000 feet. Speed should not increase beyond speed violation, obviously.


C30: @Infinite.flight
C31: @Flightfan84
C32: @AdamCallow
C33: @CaptainSpeedbird1974
C34: @S_Olejniczak
C35: @Mix56awesome
C36: @Dairell_Martinez
C37: @Aviaperevozchik
C38: @arjuna95
C39: @mike_mclain


Yes! So awesome to see this happening. You can absolutely put me down to attend.

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Thank you again for the amazing idea! The thread will be updated as I get more info and traction


Count me in!

Always my friend :) I’ll put you down in Gate C32

I call C33

Welcome to the event @CaptainSpeedbird1974 your gate has been reserved for you! Thank you for flying this event

Again event is open 24/7 and anyone (grade 3 up) can join. No other guidlines :). So consider signing up to support and remember Arnold Palmer.

If I can, I’ll try I make it.

Then you have my sole confidence :) I’ll mark you down. Thank you for considering joining IFPMs event

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Too bad we don’t have global yet or we could all take a flight to Arnold Palmer Regional Airport


That’s the first airport I tried looking for and we don’t have it 😭

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Only happy to my friend :) you have been added

Spots are still available. The gates are endless pretty much! You want to join there will be a gate for you. No more of this select few 🙂

A plan has been included so pelase make sure you read the thread again

Please note this is on Sunday if you would like to come

What’s the time in EST? I would love to come as I wasn’t able to participate in the Capture The Flag event. :)

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It is 15:00 EST.

I would suggest learning how many hours behind you are so you can work it out quicker. ( 5 hours behind Zulu)

Another way to find out to look on the IF app. Where all the events are listed it says the time in YOUR local time.

I should be able to come, I’ll let you know if anything changes :)