[CLOSED] IFP R.A.F London low pass @ EGYM - 222100ZDEC16

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGYM

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: Any C-130 (preferably RAF livery) & Spitfire

NOTAM: Please bare in mind that the wind may change direction therefore the FPL will change. The current plan is to take off at RWY 24 but that could change due to weather. If this does happen then look out for my call sign (IFP-Dan) and copy the new FPL. The runways at EGLL may also change due to weather on our approach so you’ll have to direct yourself to an open runway! Please use Unicom at all times. During low pass the C-130s can open their doors and ramps.
Once we get to EGLL, touch and goes will be optional if you’d like to earn some more XP. Please only begin your taxi once I do. Also show some respect and play nicely and listen to rules.
During low pass please create some sort of formation.

Pilot information
Takeoff spd: 130kts (Light weight aircraft)
cruise spd: 230kts
cruis alt: 3000ft
Low pass spd: 140kts
Low pass alt: 1000ft

Flight Plan

Detailed Diagram

I am only able to tag 10 people in a post. If you would like a gate assignment I will just write your username in and then comment your tag to get your attention.

Gate Assignments
MIL A01: @IFP-Dan
MIL A02: @charlie_sextin
MIL A03: @PilotZerge
MIL A04. Ninetales
MIL A05: @golden.spotter
MIL A06: @Mix56awesome
MIL A07: @Oscar_Conklin
MIL A08: @TUIVirtual
MIL A09: @LachyRobertson
MIL A10: @Joshua_Bayes_Green
MIL B01: @Lewis_Birdie_Avery
MIL B03: Liamkirky
MIL C01: Callum_Howes
MIL C02: jdag2004
MIL C03: Neo1
MIL C04: Lee_Rutter
MIL C05: Olivier123
MIL C06: Kerimcan
MIL C07: Johann_viljoen
MIL C08: psalmbodyoncetoldmetheworld
MIL C09: igsfly
RR E01: Ayman_n3
RR E02: Captcurt
RR S01: TheBigBadBag
RR S02: Benj_gilbs

Everyone is welcome!
If I have missed anything out, please let me know via PM :)


I will be there

Would you like me to assign you a gate?

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I should be able to make it, I’ll take MIL A06.

Great! Hope to see you there

Sorry but the event is scheduled at the worst time on my busiest day.

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Oh noooo :(

Yeah I’m sorry. I have a competition at my Fencing Club at school from 3-5, this is scheduled at 4.

I’d love to come but I’m still busy with homework and school this time;(

PS: my time is 4 PM

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The event starts at 9PM

Yeah but I’m 5 hours behind ZULU, 21-5=16, 16=4pm.

Oh ok aha :)


This guy wants to join

I’ll come. Please assign me to a gate. Cheers :)

Could I have a a gate?

Damn Damn and Damn. Id love to take part in this but I might not be back in time on Thursday!! Can I get a gate and try to make it? i’ll be in a spit?

I am not able to click on the profile picture or is it you who wants to join?

His username is @SVEN_MORLEY

i am only able to mention 10 users in a post. I will PM him and give him a slot but I won’t be able to tag.

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Would you like a gate?