[CLOSED] IFP Event - "High Life" @ KLAX - 061800ZJUL17

InfiniteFlightPosts “High Life” Event!

Server: Expert

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX - KSAN

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: If you are willing to be ATC then please PM me. NO PATTERN WORK. A specific FPL will be flown. Please fly sensibly as I will be recording the whole event.

Details: We will be departing from Los Angeles international airport to a nice cruising altitude of 32,000ft. Hence the name in the title, “High Life”. This event will take up at least 1 hour so please make sure you have the free time to participate! This is an all passenger aircraft event so come along in any Boeing/Airbus in either the generic livery or the infinite flight livery. I will personally be using the B787-800 (IF Livery).

Further specific info

Takeoff/Climb Speed: 220kts
Cruising Speed: 300kts M 0.87
Pushback Time 1815Z


Reservable Gates
Be quick to reserve ;)

CARGO Philippine Airlines - ME @IFP-Dan
CARGO Delta 02 - @Puncakes
CARGO Delta 01 - @Pilot420
CARGO Air New Zealand - @J9J9T
CARGO China Airlines - @Dennis_preuss
CARGO Lufthansa 01 - @Alpster
CARGO Lufthansa 02 - @ThomasR
CARGO Swiss Air 01 - @Super80
CARGO Air Canada 01 - @Darth_Sidious
CARGO Air Canada 02 - @NEO

You will be on YouTube :)

Hope to see you there!

(Any questions, PM me)



Was gonna attend until I saw this 😱


Maybe choose something other than SoCal… like Amsterdam or something - but your choice anyways 😉

I think expert server would be better quality over quantity.


I’ll choose somewhere else next time :)

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Just changed it to expert :)


Sign me up then! Need 20 characters

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Add me to any gate please ☺️

would love to participate

@J9J9T Shall I reserve a gate?

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yes, yes you shall. :)

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Sign me up pls. I will be ther.

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Ill be there it starts at 9pm for me. Absolutely ok for me.
Also my callsign will be TC-AAK and I’ll use a 773ER


Okay I’ll reserve you a gate!

I’m confused. Which gate should I choose?

That’s up to you but I’ve already reserved you one^^

If you are coming to the event then please let me know because there are still a few gates I can reserve:)

I will be able to attend :)

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Okay great! I’ll assign you a gate

Sign me up pleas I will be flying the 747-200

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