[CLOSED] IFP - Caribbean Fun Hour @ TFFJ - 192100ZFEB17

Server: Casual

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TFFJ

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: This event will mainly be based on touch and goes but if you don’t like or don’t want to take part in the touch and goes then feel free to hop in any other light aircraft because overall, it is a fun hour right? ;)
Acrobatics will be allowed. Hence the reason why it’s on casual server. It would also be great to get a mini air show going!

you can pretty much do whatever you want! :)

You can choose any aircraft from the following images below

want to reserve a gate? Reply if you do.
(There is a limited amount of gates but you can still join if they are all taken).

GA 01 me @IFP-Dan
GA 02 IFP-Gavin
GA 03 IFP-Alec
GA 04 Pandaadnap
GA 05 CaptCurt
GA 06 IFP-Dev
GA 07 Kerimcan_Bowden
GA 08 Mateus_Araujo
Gate 01 IFP-Deltax
Gate 02 IFP-GRGE
Gate 03 rohaim_khedr
Hangar Gussy


I hope you will be able to make it to the event! - IFP Dan

Frequently asked questions

What is IFP?

"Can I join?


Hi I would like to come can I have GA-04? Thanks.

Of course you can :)

Oh and yeah what time is the event in English time?

What time is it western?

You’d have to work that one out yourself mate sorry. I’m not sure at all

I think that it’s 9pm

Ok, I’ll try the websites that tell u Are extremely confusing

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I’ll take GA 05 please, thank you. 👌

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Can I have a GA parking spot please

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What is 2100Z in Amsterdam?

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Google Zulu time converter and figure it out!

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Are you an hour ahead of the United Kingdom or 2 hours? It will either be 10pm or 11pm.

May or may not come. Just reserve a place for me. I am IFP-DEV I’m in the instagram chat so should I still reserve here?

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Please sign me a GA, thanks

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Hello i want to join as atc

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It is taking place on casual server :/ I can reserve a gate for you

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Thats fine I am also a pilot

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Okay I’ll put you in :)