[CLOSED] IFO Team Canada Open Training @ EHAM - 291600ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Guys its nearly here. We aren’t far away from the IFOG and I welcome you guys to train with our team. We shall be in our team callsigns (AC) so you can recognise us and we hope you turn up. Anyone who hasn’t joined our discord I recommend it as we talk about what shall happen during the events. Discord channel. Spawn at any C gate as these are closest to runway 24

Have a good one


Yes Sir! 😂


New time is now 1600Z to deal with different timezones

Good luck! What will you guys be practicing?

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What gates will you be using? Event starting in half an hour!

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I’ll be in this event I’ll be in an Airbus a340-600 Lufthansa callsign:
Lufthansa 340
Will you be assigning gates?

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C gates as these are closest to runway 24

What Gate should I spawn at?

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Up to you our guys are gonna spawn at any C gate doesn’t matter pick one

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Lufthansa 340 at gate C10

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Changed my callsign to: Air Canada 340

I think the phrase is “A picture speaks a thousand words”. My ipad has been playing around all day with the wifi and I can’t get it up so if i’m not there sorry and I hope all of team canada are

Spawn in now?

ye some team canada should be there if no one turns up then I may have to disband team canada

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I’m there WTJ001 super

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Anyone who is flying and not on the discord come on its where we tell each other what to train on etc and what you’ll be seeing in the air


Looking good peoples

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