[Closed] IFM Mission #2 @ KNUQ - 292200ZMAR16

IFM Mission #2:

We will be grounded at KNUQ in the San Francisco Region from 2200Z - 2300Z on the Freeflight server. We will be observing today’s Turbulent Tuesday Event created by @david. We will scramble our jets and head for San Francisco International (KSFO) to get a better view of the event.

Unfortunately, I cannot make it… @tecnam2ta and/or @AnnieCorp_Inc , will you be able to lead this one? :)

All IFS members are allowed to participate and spectators are allowed as well! :)

What is that in central

Central time

It’s from 1700 - 1800 (5 - 6pm) CT

Thanks I get in 4 minutes

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On I meant

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What is your callsign

Roger, IFM1 rolling out

Be there in a sec

roger. reporting to slack comms first

wow, very high😂

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Callsign IFM2 Patrolling airspace

in a GlobeMaster

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How do you get that high

Who cares? the view is BREATHTAKING!

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I go to 17 000ft at 1250kts, than I climb at 90 degrees.

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