[Closed] IFM/IFS Mission #1 @ KNZY - 262000ZMAR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: San Diego Area

Airport: KNZY

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: In this mission, we are grounded at North Island Nas (KNZY) at Coronado Island in SoCal. From there, we will observe San Diego International (KSAN) for any trolls. If we see someone in need of assistance, we will escort them to the nearest airport (This is all on the Playground Server at 2000Z)

Any and all spectators are allowed! IFS members allowed to help! :)

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Can you please add IFS too!

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Don’t worry @JFKPlaneSpotter101 I spoke to @AnnieCorp_Inc about this!

What’s IFS again?

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Infinite Flight Security!


Can you add it to the title because we are one.

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Should it not be if we see a troll we intercept?

We report trolls (so they don’t know whodunnit ;) ) We intercept pilots in need of assistance or escort :)

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I’m there right now in an F-22

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Could I join ?

Sure, PM me your email and you’re all set :)

Is that good ?

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