{Closed} IFIA Air Race Tryouts @ KSFO - 251800ZMAY16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: * Now that the Infinite Flight Independent Airline (IFIA) got a Kickstart and has more than 20 professional pilots in less than a week, we would like to hold a separate event with the airline. An air race. You don’t need to be in the IFIA to race. This event isn’t the actual air race, these are the tryouts so we can nominate 20 racers for the event to fly in any fighter jet. Show up in a fighter jet with the your IF community name. You will be watched. Take off at runway 30L. When you take off, head to Half Moon Bay (KHAF) using any route. You will be escorted by some of our staff to see your skills. Fly as fast as possible. Please follow all flying rules except speed rules, since we’re on the Free Flight Server. The top 20 fastest people in the event will get through and will get a PM here at the community. Hope to see you there, goodbye.

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Cool Idea. I will come for the race

I’ll be there in a F22

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I might come

@1300kts (F-22), my phone looses its marbles…

Thanks for coming everyone. We have chose the 20 pilots to fly and they all were PMed. Make sure to check the events category to see when the actual race is going on.

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