[CLOSED] IFFO Inaugural Event @ YSSY - 310900ZJAN16

Welcome to the Inaugural Flying Event of Infinite Flight Fans Oceania!

Fly with us from YSSY-YSCB! Playground or advanced, choose your server. Playground preferred. No rules, just meet up and have fun! Arrive 9:00am Zulu, spawn for 15 minutes, screenshots etc. during this time. Depart the active runway, fly to YSCB. Simple as that!

If anyone can ATC on Playground or Advanced, it would be much appreciated!

Where will you be flying?

  • Free Flight Server
  • ATC Playground
  • Advanced Server

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Look forward to seeing you there!
Breydon-Founder of IFFO
Join us today on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iffansoceania

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I maybe can play ATC (only on advanced server)

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Would be great if you could do that Dylan. Sydney please if possible :)

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Do you have an AEDT start time?

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AEDT Start time is 8pm. My timezone :)

Where are you?

Oops, I’m in ACDT

I get so confused about the 30min time difference :|

Yeah I know, why we can’t all have a unified time zone or a lesser time difference is beyond me.

So wouldn’t it be a 7:30 for you if it’s 0900zulu?

Oh jeez now I’m confused. I think I was converting it from NSW/VIC time instead of my own, so yes that would mean it is a 7:30 start for me

lol no worries 0900 Zulu works fine

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I’ll just open Sydney on advance server now anyways

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Great thanks! See you there soon

So it starts over 30 min?

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James has started on ATC in YSSY, so it has started, you can go Canberra if you would like

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I will take YSCB’s ATC on Advanced :)

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Great! Spawning in now, have a great time everyone!

Looking good on the Advanced Server! Thanks to our ATC Controllers @JQW & @Mats_Edvin_Aaro


It’s soo busy …

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