[CLOSED] IFFG Qatar Airways VA - 777 Takover @ KMLI - 061900NOV16

Server: Expert

Region: Chicago Region

Airport: KMLI

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: * Please Follow all ATC commands if ATC is available. Ghosting will be enforced if ATC is online and we will report players not following proper procedures. All established IFFG Qatar pilots please spawn at you assigned gate with your assigned callsigns. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR11. *

Due to space constraints at KMLI, I request that everyone coming to the event leave the aircraft and gate that you will be spawning in at. Please Come in a 77F, 77L, or 77W in the Qatar Livery. If you are coming in a 77F leave a comment with a cargo gate or a hangar, please comment gates only if you are coming in a passenger aircraft.

On behalf of the IFFG Qatar Airways VA (Run By @QR01) , I would like to present to the Infinite Flight Community our next event in which we head to the Chicago Region. Qatar Airlines has been trying to expand their service into America, and today we are going to celebrate their growth into the United States as we fly across the Chicago Region.

Gate A03: @techno.02life (QR12)
Gate A04: @joshua_fleming(QR18)
Gate A05: Alexander F. (QR13)
Gate A06: @Samet_Ozturk (QR71)
Gate B07: @QR01 (QR01, CEO of IFFG QATAR Airways VA)
Gate B08: Ben Bogart (QR11)
Gate B09: Sam Collins (QR14)
Gate B10: Ousman Mohammed
Gate B11:
Gate B15:
CARGO 02: Alex Chepil (QR17)
CARGO 03: Joel Clery(IFES 003, Fighter Aircraft)

Thank You, if you would like to apply for the Qatar IFFG VA, please PM so I can help you along the way, Happy Flying.


(QR18- Gate) is attending …

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Thanks man


Callsign: QR71
Aircraft: 773
Gate: A06

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Just a reminder that the event is today at 1900z, anyone who would like to come please leave a comment. Hope to see more people come to our event. Thank you to the people who have already replied and stated they are going

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Little over 40 minutes until the event starts

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Spawn in 15 minutes

My picture during the event


Wow what an amazing event, and for all of u reading this, yes we just finished. Thank you to all the people who made it to the event. It was an amazing event although some of the pilots didn’t make it to the destination. 😂😂

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